Need to set VGA o/p as Primary on XP Laptop

  [DELETED] 22:41 10 Aug 2003

Anyone know of a utility/trick to swap the Primary display channel from LCD to VGA under XP? Dualview and Multi-monitors don't work, here's why:
I have just upgraded from Windows 2000 to XP Pro on my laptop, and I LIKE the new OS very much, BUT...
I use the laptop for H.E. lecturing and want to show students video material, which only shows on the PRIMARY display channel.
Windows XP sets the Laptop LCD panel as Primary when I have both LCD and VGA connector active (like I need to when projecting lectures for students to see), although W2K allowed me to choose which was Primary.
My laptop has ATI Rage Mobility video adapter, which is not supported by XP for 'Dualview' or Multiple Monitors SADLY; Microsoft confirms this! ATI sends me to my laptop supplier for updated Rage Mobility drivers BUT my laptop supplier (ERGO) has no updated drivers for XP; - catch 22!
Anyone know of a utility/trick to swap the Primary display channel from LCD to VGA under XP?
Please don't tell me to revert back to W2K; - that is an option, but I am reluctant to retreat from XP now...

  [DELETED] 00:06 11 Aug 2003

Is there not a key stroke combination on the laptop (Fn + <a key>) to switch between the output monitor.

Also, when you have the settings for the LCD and VGA, is there not an option (checkbox) which is "show video on laptop" or something like that?

I used to connect my laptop to a TV and couldn't figure out why the videoCD would not play on the TV. It was that I needed to specify on which screen the video was to play.



  hugh-265156 00:13 11 Aug 2003

hydravison my help you here get the latest drivers while youre there too.

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