need to recover photos & emails

  krsna 09:00 30 Dec 2008

My pc will not boot and originally it was giving error message of "virtual mermory low..." I booted up with a boot disk of " ubuntu " and manged to delete some files on the nearly full hard drive, but that did not fix the fault. So I have made a copy of the hard drive using "HD clone" and an external hard drive but when I connect this external drive to another pc I cannot find the folder " My Pictures " nor "My documents" Any suggestions? I really wanted to save the photos and my outlook folders, before I do a full recovery to try and get my pc running again.

  STREETWORK 09:07 30 Dec 2008

which operating system and system specs'...

  ened 09:07 30 Dec 2008

If you have access to another pc you could try taking the Hard Drive out and putting it into the other pc (as a slave if it is ide)and move the information you require off of it.

  howard64 09:16 30 Dec 2008

If it is xp and you have the xp disc you try booting from the xp cd and using the repair option. This might get you going. I assume you have tried safe mode etc.

  krsna 10:15 30 Dec 2008

My pc is a hp pavilion media centre on XP, I have tried using an xp cd to repair it but it still hangs just before the welcome screen. I have tried doing a recovery using the recovery disk but during recovery after 74% I get an error message that the lsass.exe file cannot be recovered. I am now quite willing to do a full recovery as long as I can first save my photos & outlook folders hence I was hoping that the cloned copy of my hard drive on the external hard drive would allow me to recove these. Any suggestions as to how I can recover the photos & emails off the hard drive/ external cloned hard drive.

  Spark6 16:41 30 Dec 2008

A variation on ened's suggestion: remove the drive and insert it into a caddy, connect to a second computer and transfer your data to your external drive for safe keeping.

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