In need a quiet'r Psu

  birdface 16:36 28 Jun 2010

How do I find what PSU I have on my computer without opening the computer up.
Tried WOT but nothing showing.
Probably something very easy but I cannot think what.

  onthelimit 16:45 28 Jun 2010

Not sure you'll find anything quicker than taking the side off!

  birdface 16:48 28 Jun 2010

I was thinking that it is just a bit awkward getting under this desk to undo the wires and lift the tower up.
I should have gone for a laptop instead.

  northumbria61 17:00 28 Jun 2010

Just a 2 minute job to check !

  BT 17:04 28 Jun 2010

And while you've got it out and the side off will be the perfect opportunity to do a bit of spring cleaning. I have found that PCs kept on the floor /under the desk accumulate fgar more dust than ones kept above floor level

  birdface 17:46 28 Jun 2010

Your having a larf.
It takes me about 2 minutes just to bend down.
Not actually on the floor but on a shelf but same difference.
I am afraid it will need to wait till the cooler weather sweat running off me just thinking about it.
Ok if thats the only way I will do it when a bit cooler.
I take it it will give you the make and model number and it will only be a matter of getting some advice on what new one to get.
Going away at the end of next week so may wait till I get back.
Will class as resolved but will post at a later date when i get started.Many Thanks for the info.

  onthelimit 18:03 28 Jun 2010

If you have a standard ATX, all you need to know is the wattage to choose a quiet replacement. That will be printed on the side. Alternatively, if the maching is an off-the-shelf and not too old, Google may give you the spec.

  birdface 19:10 29 Jun 2010

Just opened it up to have a look see.
it looks fairly complicated to me So not sure If I want to go ahead.
But just in case it is a ISO 400PP if anyone can suggest a quieter one preferably from Amazon or even E-Buyer.
It is a 300 watt so maybe something a little bit bigger might be best but not sure.
a really big CPU fan and another small one at the back.
size. length. 14Cm
width 15Cm
Depth 8.5Cm
Not into metrics so hope the measurements are correct.

  onthelimit 19:50 29 Jun 2010

... to what you are after click here

  birdface 20:33 29 Jun 2010

Could probably get away with the 450 one as not a lot on this computer and I do not think that I will be adding anything else.
Now it says 12Cm and I am not sure what that means.
Does that mean the length.
How do you find out what dimentions they are and do they fit any tower.

  ICF 06:36 30 Jun 2010

The 12 cm refer to the cooling fan size.

It should say on it some were ATX that is size standard among other things.

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