Need printing company infos for college prospectus

  CutNpaste 15:06 15 Apr 2010

Hi Everyone,

can anyone please provide me with contact details or website address of printing companies who would design and print college prospectuses???

many thanks

  theDarkness 15:13 15 Apr 2010

you would need to type in "graphic design companies uk" or "college prospectus design" into GOOGLE for that one! ;)

here is the first that comes up for the latter
click here

  CutNpaste 15:47 15 Apr 2010

thanks for that. Most of the companies showing on the search results are just design companies and I am looking for both design and print...

  Sea Urchin 16:19 15 Apr 2010

So Google design and printing companies

click here

  Pineman100 18:55 15 Apr 2010

Or look in your local Yellow Pages. I've never lived anywhere where there isn't a wide selection of Design & Print companies in the area.

What's the print run, and whereabouts in the country are you?

  CutNpaste 09:59 16 Apr 2010

thanks for the google link. I am looking into those.

Pineman... we are based in walthamstow in London and im not sure about the print run as I am doing this for the finance department who are looking around for a different design and print company, but it will be in the thousands with each prospectus having around 30-40 pages.


  Pineman100 10:04 16 Apr 2010

Well, a quick Google produced this: click here

I can't say how many of them do design and print, but I'd bet a fair few.

Google also produced this: click here

I have no personal experience of, or association with, any of these companies.

  jack 10:22 16 Apr 2010

you imply an 'All in One House-
It may be less hassel but a very expensive way of going about a project.
Most companies major in one discipline with their own contacts into the other - So a print firm could possibly be little more then a man boy in a shed with a printing machine and all else is 'bought in'- Ditto a Graphic Design' outfit
a Garrett with drawing board and an Apple computer and perhaps a Grant projector a telephone and two grubby mugs alongside a knackered kettle.

What sort of College is this?
Does it not have an art department?
A most suitable project I should not wonder.
If the college is not technical I am sure there is one in your Education Authority group that would be only too willing to cooperate.

  irco 10:52 16 Apr 2010

Try evolutionprint in sheffield they already print and design for a number of colleges and universitys across the country ask for graham he will be able to help you.

  ronalddonald 11:00 16 Apr 2010

have you tried to contact the colleges directly for this information

  jack 13:58 16 Apr 2010

Look no further than here
click here

and here

click here

For all the support you need.

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