Need Printer Fast ! and good Quality.

  Baskerville 21:20 09 Apr 2006

Hello all,

Can you help out with this one ? my printer has gone bust just when I could do without any hassle, I have a few printer jobs to get done, family photo's and some homework for my lad and this needs to be in on Wednesday of this week 12th April.
I normally take a good long look at reviews when I need to change anything but this has caught me out, I use a Epson C62 but it keeps getting blocked jets and it has been hard work keep cleaning the heads to get any decent results.
I have always used Epsons and compatable cartridges but if someone can recommend a good reliable printer that takes compatables and gives real good photo results I may change to say a Canon as I have heard that they don't suffer as many blocked jet problems, I have £80 to spend what can I get for that ?? as I say it is photo results and compatable cartridges that are Priority, I always liked Epsons but my last 2 printers kept getting blocked up jets and if I didn't use the printer much I had a hell of a job to get all the colors printing right,



  rmcqua 21:37 09 Apr 2006

Hi Baskerville,
Given your budget and printing requirements, I would without hesitation recommend the Epson D88. BUT, you say that ability to print photos with compatibles is a must and my experience with compatibles has always been horrible, especially when trying to get any kind of colour consistency in photos. I am just in the process of trying Choice compatibles with my Epson (several forum members recommended Choice) and I have to say that I am no more impressed than I have been with any other compatibles I have tried.
So, Epson D88 with Epson originals - yes, but for photos with compatibles I would not know what to recommend. Best of luck, hope you get some useful suggestions.

  hzhzhz 21:39 09 Apr 2006

I have a canon ip4000 with which I am well pleased but I dont know if its still available.The new model is the ip4200 which is also well reviewed. ip4200 is available in argos if you dont want to risk it not being delivered on time. Its £84.99. I'm not sure if it can use compatibles like the ip4000 does.

  Baskerville 21:59 09 Apr 2006

Thanks for that,
I too have always used Choice, they have changed the cartridges of late with a new system that you have to 'prick' the cartridges with a small 'pricker' they supply you with don't know what else to call it lol ! I must say I don't like the idea at all and a lot of my problems have been since they changed over to this new idea.
Compatables are fine for school work but perhaps not for important family stuff that's a diff ball game, it is well worth using the manufacturers ink for that in my book,


  Stuartli 22:06 09 Apr 2006

There currently seems to be no compatibles on offer for the IP4200.

I have the Epson R300 which I use with compatibles (just got some costing as little as £3.98 for a full set of six from click here, although I haven't used these yet); the other compatibles, costing around 99p each, have so far proved perfectly satisfactory both for photos and general printing.

I've never had block heads so far (fingers crossed) even though I don't use the printer more than three or four times a week at most.

Even then I might just print one or two sheets of text after switching it on and turn it off immediately after use.

  Stuartli 22:08 09 Apr 2006

The R200 and (as far as I am aware) the R220 and R320 use the same print machine - the R300 offers more features yet is now as cheap or cheaper than the R200+ series.

  Baskerville 22:32 09 Apr 2006

I've seen you on here many times and value your feedback, are you happy with your Epson R300 ? but 6 cartridges that's a lot of cartridges ! what happens if one runs out or does it ? I only use the printer about the same as you but this time I've been caught with my trolly's down and need to replace quickly, quality is paramount, speed not bothered at all, compatables are important as most of the printing jobs are schoolwork, maps,geography, pie charts that sort of thing, but occasionally I bump up the settings to produce a really good photo as I like photography especially flowers and macro shots,

  Stuartli 22:45 09 Apr 2006

The beauty of individual cartridges is that you only replace/refill ones that have expired.

That's a lot cheaper than the single colour cartridges when, if one of the three colours runs out, you have to replace the whole cartridge.

It was one of the main benefits of the Canon BJC600e I owned from 1996 to last year; it used four cartridges (something which Epson and Canon is now returning to following the spurt of six cartridge models).

I've bought about seven or eight sets at very, very keen prices so that I can replace cartridges as they run out.

They are so cheap to buy it's not worth refilling them (mind you it's not easy with an Epson cartridge I understand!)

  Stuartli 22:53 09 Apr 2006

R200 and others in stock at:

click here

click here=

click here

If you order tonight it should be delivered, hopefully, on Tuesday...:-)

  Stuartli 23:03 09 Apr 2006

Other source of good compatibles (apart from diskdept):

click here

  daba 00:35 10 Apr 2006

having individual ink cartridges (I've got six) is better in the long run.

You only need to replace those that have run out.

"Run Out" can be an arbitrary term, determined by software and not by how much ink is actually left in the cartridge. Try "SSC" for Epson, here you can reset the 'counters' that determine empty cartridges, perhaps there's more in there to use after they suggest replacement. You need to monitor your prints closely to then see if the software was lying.

I'm very, very, wary of "compatile" ink, having lost 2 printers to irretrievable print-head clogging........

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