Need a pop up blocker for floaty pop ups please.

  Tina19721 22:24 21 Apr 2007

Hi All,

At the moment I have pop-up stopper free edition. It has worked fine for me for a good while but a site I regularly use seems to have a lot more of those ads that float across the screen. My pop-up blocker does not seem to be able to stop them at all. I have even had a trial of the paid version and that one did not stop them either.

If I click on the advert by accident whilst it is floating along. Pop up stopper tries to block it but then it freezes and I have to go to windows task manager and end task which is a real pain.

Can anyone recommend a pop up blocker which will work for the floating ads as well as the pop ups?

I am willing to pay but obviously if I could get one for free that would be great.

Many thanks


  p;3 22:29 21 Apr 2007

you could try the Hosts file; click here

BUT are you sure you are not infected?

what scans have you run?

try running each of these to see if you have an unwanted guest on your comp?

click here

click here

click here

click here

see what they find?

and one asumes you are on XP?

  Kate B 22:30 21 Apr 2007

Use Firefox click here instead of Internet Explorer and install these three extensions click here click here click here and you will never see another ad, pop-up, floaty thing or advertising-related annoyance ever again.

  p;3 22:35 21 Apr 2007

concern of course is, with unwanted floaty thingis, is is the comp infected; that aspect perhaps needs to be eliminated from the equation

  p;3 07:43 22 Apr 2007

I presume you are now doing all the scans to see if you are infected?

  mocha 09:20 22 Apr 2007

I have just installed the last link of Kate B's, I already have the other 2 blockers installed, and it works Great. Thanks Kate B.

Try it Tina19721 if you dont like FireFox you can always go back to Microsofts IE.

  p;3 10:04 22 Apr 2007

to repeat;you would do well to run the suggested scans on your computer ; you have seen floating things and such ; these can be a sign of infection and it is well worth the effort to run scans to check to see if you have picked up something you do not want on your comp ,even if you have apparently installed blockers on your comp

I also think it a bit 'over-enthusiastic' for anyone to say you will never ever again see floating things etc; but; it is your comp and one can only make suggestions and offer advice; if it were my comp I would run scans to check it out ;choice is of course yours

  Tina19721 21:05 22 Apr 2007


Yes, I have scanned my pc and nothing was found, so I am okay there.

The ads that I am having problems with are for big companys like Weight Watchers, Tesco etc.

Many thanks


  Viv-208691 22:58 04 Jun 2007

I too am having the same problem with these ads. Many are casino ones but just as many are Amazon, Tesco etc. I have run AVG, Spybot, Adaware etc but they don't detect anything. Any advice please folks?

  p;3 23:01 04 Jun 2007

you would please be far better starting your own thread to receive guidance for your problem than to what is known as hijacking someone else's thread, which is what you have done here::))

  p;3 23:03 04 Jun 2007

if you installed the Hosts file? are you still getting the unwanted ads?

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