skthecat 09:15 08 Jul 2008


Right, its running Windows XP (Does not say Pro) so I am assuming its not.

I need passwords. I have tried all the passwords from our office and none of them work on this machine no matter what permutation of user names/passwords I try. So I need to be able to reset password/username.

Any Idea's Please?



  ronalddonald 10:05 08 Jul 2008

its your pc so whats the password?

Is it a bios paswword requested

is an admin password requested

your homework go to you tube to find out how to reset these paswords

You have to go inside the machine. You kneed a non metalic screwdriver

before you even opn the pc you ned to unplug it leave till it cools down.

loook on you tube to get a better explination.

You can take the batttery out for about 3o mins and see if that resets it.

If its a newer machine you have to get hold of a 2 pin head cirut breaker and plant itinot the motherboard somewhere to reset the bios password.

I think you better search the forum about paswrods under bios password and admin paswords

  ronalddonald 10:13 08 Jul 2008

look under password in the seach forum buton and when you see the next page tick the absolute beginer and helproom and take it form the there.

Good luck in your mission

  ronalddonald 10:37 08 Jul 2008

of threads when really you stick to one. Have considered buying a new pc.

Try click here


try cougar extreme they build custom computers

Just something to consider beecasue of the fiasco your going through a wee bit of challange as they say

  skthecat 13:49 08 Jul 2008

I dont want a new PC, this one has less than 6 months use and its only my 2nd thread, I thanked everyone for their help on the other issue what's your problem? I bought all my ex employers office equipment when they went bust, I cannot find the password for this one machine which is surplus to my business needs. I need the log into windows password only.



In fact I am a member of 2-3 other forums and have never been so rudely spoken to as by SKIPPY above.

In Fact, dont anyone bother to respond, I will find a less hostile forum to find the info I need

  ronalddonald 14:44 08 Jul 2008

Skethecat if i was hostile or rude to you.I guess your avry sensitive person. But i must clear up one matter with you that i you know who set up your computer or where you got the computer from.

Gop back to the people who suppled the computer and see if they can give the password. No one can hack inot a machine if it protected by password.

No one can guess the pasword for you. Like i said look the forums to see if anythreads can help you under the word password.

Also if yu can give the make and model may be another fellow memeber can advise on contacting the manufacturer to reset a bios pasword. There is info on admin password but you havent made yourself clear which paswod needs t be reset.

  Sea Urchin 18:32 08 Jul 2008

I can't quite believe the "advice" you were given on this thread - neither removing the battery nor buying a new PC is going to discover your password.

If you have an XP disk it's worth trying the following, but read through it before you start to make sure you have the required information.

click here

By the way, to find out what version of Windows you have - click the Start button > Run > type winver and then OK

  wee eddie 21:56 08 Jul 2008

for sqn08

Who has just posted about 8, or more, threads in a row with confusing titles

  wee eddie 22:00 08 Jul 2008

trying to open in Safe Mode

  wee eddie 22:18 08 Jul 2008

click here

I just put "password" into the Search Box. It came up with several relevant responses out of several hundred using the word Password.

There's also a useful response from 'Vog' on one of the threads, but it requires a Windows CD, so it's probably no use to you.

  Terry Brown 15:59 10 Jul 2008

Download SIW,EXE (System Information for Windows), on the top line see Software, scroll to the bottoms and find secrets, it may be there.

You could also try BELARC

You could also try this:
While it is booting up keep clicking F8, it may start up in 'Limited mode' to enable you to acess the system.
As it is an EX-Business machine, it may be tied to the company server, if so the only solutions are:
1: remove the hard drive and put in another machine as as second drive so you access it.

2: Format the harddrive and start again.

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