Need a new XP modem

  ade.h 22:00 28 Jul 2003

Can anyone recommend a good dial-up PCI modem that works fine in Win XP? I want fax, v.92 and decent speed for £20 to £40. My ancient Diamond SST is slow and iffy with XP.

  Alan2 22:34 28 Jul 2003

Following recommendations on this site I recently (Nov 2002) bought a Creative Modem Blaster V.92 PCI from for £26.00 + vat and postage.

Having BB I use only for sending faxes and am very pleased with it.


  ade.h 20:38 01 Aug 2003

I've heard mixed reports about the Creative - I was considering US Robotics, Zoom or Hayes. Has anybody used these brands?

  rev.bem 20:54 01 Aug 2003

Currently using this

click here

Usually connects at 49kbs or above,driver disc includes Fax Talk communicator software.

  comsuppwor 21:25 01 Aug 2003

I changed to xp and my pc told me my modem was defect, U.S.Robotics (4 years old).
the man at the shop fitted a intel (r) 536 ep
for me and it,s fine. Rick

  Ironman556 22:28 01 Aug 2003

Got mine from PC World £19.99, V92 (although BT doesn't support v92) works in XP fine. I usually connect at 28 - 36 kbps, but I think it actually connects faster as I've had download rates of 4 kbps.

  Ironman556 22:28 01 Aug 2003

Sorry can't remember make, but PCW only do one V92 for £19.99

  Totally-braindead 22:33 01 Aug 2003

Bought a v92 modem from Dabs at the beginning of the week it was just under the tenner, one of their Dabs value range. Works fine but then it is only one week old!

  ade.h 20:17 05 Aug 2003

Thanks for all the suggestions; I will give the PC World modem a try for £20.

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