Need a new email address but keep folders

  collinsc 17:34 11 Dec 2018

Hi I'd like to change my email address (hotmail to hotmail/outlook), but id like to keep my years of emails and folder structure - is this possible?

also is it possible to divert emails sent to the OLD address to my new address?

many thanks!

  difarn 15:14 12 Dec 2018

I think this article will answer all of your questions

click here

  collinsc 20:30 12 Dec 2018


  wee eddie 20:57 12 Dec 2018

I suppose one has to ask, Why do you wish to change your e-mail address?

  Jollyjohn 15:29 13 Dec 2018

There is a setting available to Forward your hotmail emails to your new address.

Log in to Livemail and go to settings, scroll down to More Settings - look for Mail - Forwarding - enter details and Save. You may need to verify your account after signing in

  lotvic 21:21 13 Dec 2018

difarn 15:14 12 Dec 2018, thanks for that link, I've also been thinking to get Outlook addy instead/as well to my existing hotmail one.

  wee eddie 21:38 13 Dec 2018

If we knew what the problem was, we might be able to cure it. So,no longer necessitating the change of address.

On the other hand, my nephew needed to change his address from "elfears" which, although true, was a tad embarrassing for a 30 year old budding executive

  lotvic 22:17 14 Dec 2018

wee eddie, I don't know about collinsc's reason, but mine is to tidy-up things, I've got 4 separate various hotmail addys registered over last 20 odd years that I want to bring together/amalgamate onto a new @Outlook address without losing any emails and folders.

As stated on difarn's link

Even though you can no longer register new addresses with those domains, Microsoft currently has no plans to stop supporting them. However, they are being considered “legacy addresses” and the main focus is on the @outlook addresses now.

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