need a new desktop [laptop gpu going..]

  AL47 11:46 02 Jan 2010

since having my laptop ive fallen behind on desktop advances particularly graphics!

i want to be able to run two monitors and play games [but only need one monitor working for that]

im looking at core i7s with windows 7 64, am unaware of intel vs AMD standings as of now

i was looking at the 28x GTX from nvidia or 58xx from ATI nvidia series, [havent a clue whats good from ATI]
is it fine to run this card [or a similar ] on its own, or would i get betteer performance from a SLI rig with a cheaper graphics card?
im aware i can always add another later if i go the first route.

any advice? [on the whole system?]

[its annoying i have to do this tbh but was thinking about it anyway]

  OTT_Buzzard 21:09 02 Jan 2010

This may help: click here

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