Need NEC E228 File Transfer Utility for XP Pro....

  BorderCollie 22:03 15 Jun 2010

I have an old NEC e228 "3" mobile phone, which has got treasured Photos & Videos of our grand-daughter on it- alas she is no longer with us.
I managed to find and install drivers for the e228 for my XP Pro system, but cannot find the e228 File Transfer Utility, so I am able to download the files from the phone, to my p.c.
The only web-sites which appear to say they have this utility, are coming up as "Malware Detected" on the Google Chrome browser, which I currently use.
Has anyone got a copy of the NEC e228 File Transfer Utility, that will run on XP Pro, that they can either direct me to, or email me direct?
Believe me, I have tried everything else, so any help would be much appreciated, thanks,
Dave Grieve, Scotland [email protected]

  MAT ALAN 22:12 15 Jun 2010

David while we are searching for a resolve, ant time you post here it's not advised to show your email address.
You leave yourself open to all sorts od spammers.
If we need to contact you direct we can use the yellow envelope next to your user name...


  MAT ALAN 22:27 15 Jun 2010

Are the files on the phone or the memory card...

I ask because the phone only had 19megs of onboard memory which does not seem a lot for photos and videos..

  BorderCollie 22:48 15 Jun 2010

Thanks for the advice, unfortunately my email address is already in the public domain as I use it for a Charity I also run.
The files alas,are on the onboard memory, as no card installed- 3 x short videos and about 16 photos.
If they were on a card it would make it a lot easier!

  MAT ALAN 23:09 15 Jun 2010

I am also finding it hard to find the appropriate software...
A suggestion (bit long winded) would maybe to buy a small memory card for phone transfer files to card and extract them with a suitable card reader which are more readily available...

  birdface 23:04 21 Jun 2010

Not sure if you can go down to Asda's and get your photos downloaded there in the camera shop.
They download them from your mobile but not sure if they can do it with yours or not.
Whether they can put it all into a disc for you I am not sure but worth asking.
I know it is not the answer that you were looking for but it may help if you have no success with the file transfer.

  BorderCollie 02:32 23 Jun 2010

Thanks for all the good advice, but after taking it, a new problem has arisen.
I bought a small 512Mb micro Memory Card, that fitted the e228, formatted it in the phone using the inbuilt Card formatting utility, then copied all the 16 photos and 3 x short videos from the Phone memory, to the Memory Card.
I've checked on the phone that indeed, all these files are now moved to the Memory Card.
I've also got a new micro Memory Card usb Card Reader stick, which is recognised by XP Pro, on my lap-top pc.
But when I try to access the Memory Card on my lap-top, using the Card Reader, and try to "Open Windows Explorer" or "Open Folder to view files", I am getting no detection of the stored files.
On clicking on the Memory Card's "Properties", it tells me that nothing is stored on the micro Memory Card, only the 512Mb of "Raw" space,(not FAT) but when I return the Memory Card into the phone, I can then access the photos/videos fine- they are stored on the Card.
Any ideas how I can get my lap-top to read the Memory Card, so that I can transfer the files to my HD ?? I'm stuck!!
David Grieve

  Kevscar1 14:58 23 Jun 2010

If you know someone else with a card reader get them to try for you. Then you will know wether it's the card or the reader thats faulty.

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