need more wifi

  casper69 09:56 22 Apr 2010

Hi all

I’m looking to boost my wifi strength on my netbook, I know I can buy a wifi antenna but I wanted to see if there are any other ways first.

If not what would be the best at a low cost and very portable.


  onthelimit 13:41 23 Apr 2010

Where do you need to 'boost my WiFi strength'? Do you mean your laptop cannot stray far from your router without loosing signal? The reason I ask is that my samsung netbook had this problem and was cured by changing the WiFi card for a Broadcom one - i now get full signal strength indicated where before I had none. Cost was 8quid from ebay.

  casper69 13:44 24 Apr 2010

hi onthelimit

i have a dell mini10v and i want to boost so i can get wifi hotspots with stronger signal, as one pub i go in they have wifi but i only get a bar or 2 of signal and just want to get the max.


  onthelimit 13:58 24 Apr 2010

I think the Dell is already fitted with a Broadcom, so no need to change. I think you're probably stuck with it as is.

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