Need More SATA Power Connectors - How?

  johndrew 10:17 19 May 2006

Having had a lot of help already, I need more.

My PSU has 2 SATA HDD power connectors - the flat ones with 3.3, 5 & 12VDC supplies. I already have two SATA drives in the case but need to fit another to clone and keep updated my C: & D: partitions which are on one drive (the other is used for my video and is quite full).

I now have my new drive, copy of True Image and data cable but no power connector. I could keep opening the case and swapping it but I feel that may do damage long term. I have looked on the web and found this click here but it doesn`t have any 3.3VDC supply.

Do I need the 3.3 VDC supply?
If not what facility will I lose on the drive?
Is there such a thing as a `Y` connector for SATA as there is for Molex?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation.

  johndrew 10:55 19 May 2006

It is a Western Digital WD2500KS which has the SATA power and data connectors on the left (viewed on the end as if installed), to the right if that is a blank hole, then a block of 8 pins, then what looks like a Molex socket (4 pins with chamfers at the upper corners.

Does that sound right?

Any idea what the 3.3VDC supply is for?

Many thanks for all your responses I shall try to ensure I`m doing everything correctly - these drives are a bit pricey to me!! I shall also look on Google for any further information I can get.

  johndrew 16:29 19 May 2006

Thanks very much for the information/advice, it satisfies the practical side beautifully.

I now still need to satisfy my curiousity as to the exact function of the 3.3vdc supply. Wikipedia mentions it but fails to say exactly what it does. I have a feeling it may be something to do with hot-swapping but until I find some information that I understand (!!!) it will remain a mystery.

Googling the 3.3vdc supply in various ways has failed to reveal much and I am a bit loathe to spend money to buy papers unless I`m certain the answer is there.

I feel certain someone on this forum either knows the answer or where to get it easily; hopefully they will read this post.

  johndrew 20:26 19 May 2006

That is a very interesting article and written so that even I understand it.

From what it says we shall - in the future - find a difficulty with drives and processors as the newer and less tolerant versions of faster processors reduce voltage to stay cool. Could be a case here to ensure that any drives purchased will meet the lower operating voltages as well.

Question now is how long `til we all need to migrate to lower voltage drives!!

As a point of interest, I looked at dozens of sites and found nothing like this. I think I need a course in creative browsing!!

Thanks very much for your help and persistence.

  johndrew 12:31 20 May 2006

Thanks for all your help.

Perhaps you could post some lateral thinking for me to pick up!!!

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