Need a lot of help with choosing a gaming laptop^^

  YooGurt13 21:18 30 Sep 2016

Hello to whoever is reading this post :) I hope you have a wonderful day and perhaps you may be able to help me. So my issue is that I cannot decide what gaming laptop i should get... I have done a lot of research and still Im kind of lost. So if you can please share your own personal favourites. The reason I'm buying a laptop rather than a pc is because im a student and i move a lot and i dont really fancy a n idea of carrying a massive tower with me. I need a laptop that will be able to run MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA my favoutite series and i would also like my future laptop to run the games like overwatch and some new demanding games not necessarily on ultra high quality but at least recomended. As i mentioned I am a student so im not rich and my budget is limited. Please give me an advice for a new laptop, this would really make my life easier. My budget is between £700-£1000 (i live in the uk) preferably something on the lower end of the price XD it would also be great if the recommended laptop could serve me a few years with the release of new games. I'm not a no life gamer, would like to but the subjects I'm doing require a lot of work. Don't have a prefered laptop brand so suggest anything you think is good , however im not really friend with HP as i heard that their pc and laptops brake very fast so...

Thank you very much, really appreciate your help. Have a nice day. ^_^

TL;DR Need a new gaming laptop. Budget £700-£1000 need to run games like upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda at least on recomended settings and a laptop that will last me a few years.

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