need to look at pictures

  poppy04 16:25 19 Jan 2004

hey guys, im not able to looka t my pictures on my pc since i uninstalled paintshop pro so i think it must have associated itself to my pictures, so now i cant open them with anything any one know what i can do??

  hugh-265156 16:31 19 Jan 2004

if you are no longer using psp try

right click your pics and choose "open with/choose program"

highlight "windows picture and fax viewer" from the list or browse for it then tick the "always use this program for this type of file"

  scotty 16:33 19 Jan 2004

It will depend on your operating system and the programs available for viewing your pictures.

You could try right clicking on a picture when you are in Explorer. It should give you an option to "Open with". Select the program you want associated with your photos.

If this does not work, post back with more details.

  poppy04 16:44 19 Jan 2004

hi thanks for that input but i dont have windows picture viewer for some reason, so i dont know what to do now, i dont know what programme i should use

  [email protected] 16:48 19 Jan 2004

What's in the list that you get?

  scotty 16:53 19 Jan 2004

If you do not have a program for viewing pictures, I suggest you download Irfanview (freeware) from click here

  thisisnighthawk 16:56 19 Jan 2004

as scotty said, Irfanview is the one to use..

  poppy04 16:58 19 Jan 2004

acroread, excel, explorer, font view, gropcnov, iexplorer, kodaklmg, kodakprv, lxbkvb, mspaint, powerpoint, quickview, i tried kodak and quick view but it said they were not associated with that type of file then asked me if i wanted to use default viewer but that didnt work either, also have winword, fontviewer, WMEnc, thats what i have in the box

  [email protected] 17:00 19 Jan 2004

Do as Scotty say's and use irfanview its a very good program.

  scotty 17:06 19 Jan 2004

What is the file extension on your photos? Are they .jpg?

Paint Shop Pro can use its own format .psp

Perhaps this is the problem.

  scotty 17:07 19 Jan 2004

Just checked, Irfanview will open a .psp file.

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