Need Laptop Sound Card solution

  Beowolf 09:35 18 Mar 2010

I've just bought a new Acer laptop. It's got a built in webcam which I tried to use yesterday but it told me that I had no sound card so it wouldn't work. I am able to listen to music, etc on my PC so I'm not really sure if I have a sound card or not. Is it possible to not have a sound card but still hear sounds? Is there a way to tell if I have one? And if I don't have one, can I buy an external one or something? Thanks for your help everyone!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:55 18 Mar 2010

"Is it possible to not have a sound card but still hear sounds?"

Yes just beeps

But if you can play music you have a sound card.

It will be shown in device manager under sound and audio controllers.

  MAJ 09:56 18 Mar 2010

You mention two computers a laptop and a PC. If you can hear music then you have a soundcard in the computer (laptop or PC). laptop sound cards are sound chips built on to the motherboard, PCs with integrated sound are the same.

  Beowolf 10:52 18 Mar 2010

Thanks everyone. MAJ...I was being stupid. I meant laptop, not PC.
I'll have a go later to see if I can find the sound card under device manager. I would have thought that the webcam would be able to pick this up if it were If it's not, is it possible to buy some kind of add-on?

  oldbeefer3 11:03 18 Mar 2010

The built in webcam is designed to work with the on-board sound card. May be muted in settings (start, control panel, sounds and audio devices, in XP. Similar in Vista).

  MAJ 11:07 18 Mar 2010

Which model is your Acer laptop, Beowolf?

  Beowolf 11:09 18 Mar 2010

It's an Acer AS5332

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