need laptop recommendations

  juicypeach 17:27 04 Sep 2005

I want to buy a reasonably tough computer (for travel) which needs a large memory capacity for storing photographs, accessing internet etc. Possibly GBS ?

I would like to run this (and my camera battery and mobile ) on a solar panel.

Who can give me the best solution ?

love, Sarah.

  Skills 19:54 04 Sep 2005

So you'll be wanting a large hard drive at least 60gig if not an 80 or more? At least 512ram and a fairly high end processor and battery life needs to be good. Plus you'll be wanting a wireless net connection as well.

I'd look at a PentiumM based system. The pM's are designed for the mobile setting so have good battery life. The top of the range pM's compare to a top end pentium processor. Look into the graphics chip as well see if its got its own memory or shares system memory.

What sort of a budget do you have to work with?

  woodchip 20:00 04 Sep 2005

Do you travel by car! what’s wrong with using a 230 volts Inverter I have one fitted on the back of a car jumps starter it's a 300 watt but a 150 watt should run laptop OK

  nanpants 17:59 11 Jan 2006

Hi. Im looking to get a decent laptop that will last me for a decent amount of time in the future. ive been looking at the Dell Inspiron 6000. Ive got a budget of about 500-600 and that is coming in at 588. Although im pretty basic at pcs at the mo i want something that i was delvelope my knowledge will be sutiable for the long term so im not looking to upgrade. It has a decent 512mb ram and 60gb hd with 5hr on the battery. 4usb port and fire port the processor is an intel pentium 1.70ghz and internal bluetooth which i dont have a clue what it is. Any opinion on this laptop?

  Methedrine 19:48 11 Jan 2006

Juicypeach - Tough laptop, eh? Panasonic Toughbook's click here are a little on the expensive side.

Nanpants - no hijacking of threads. Tut, tut.
One word. Acer. click here

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