A need to know question regarding a GPU

  Graphicool1 14:22 20 Oct 2013

Hi guys, I have a...

Windows 7 32 bit

Nvidia Geforce GT 240 GPU

Intel Dual Core Sandy Bridge Processor

Socket 1155 LGA


I have recently started playing an MMORPG namely TERA Rising. Although I can play it with my current set up. I have to reduce the graphics quality and thereby reduce my enjoyment of the game. So I decided to upgrade the GPU. So, after a lot of research I have settled on an...

Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 TI GPU (with 2GB onboard)

Now it transpires that one of the requirements is for a...

PCIe 3.0 x16 slot

But mine is a...

PCIe 2.0 x16 slot

Q - If I put this card in my 2.0 slot, will it still work?

The rest of the Internet gives mixed answers to this question.

  northumbria61 15:22 20 Oct 2013

I am no expert Graphicool but I think you will find it is backwards compatible so yes it willenter link description here work. See this link and post from deadlyghost1234

  northumbria61 15:23 20 Oct 2013

Sorry - read one below that from Oxezz

  Graphicool1 16:06 20 Oct 2013

Hi northumbria61

Thanx for replying, I checked out your link. The Oxezz guy said you can run a 650 Ti GPU and a 450W PSU* no sweat. However, when I read the specs it said that 450w was the bare minimum?

I've just seen this feed back from "Dayummm son!" on Amazon, ...(Feed back link) or just read what he had to say here...

"This card is AMAZING....... until it broke! it was all working fine on my pc

FX 6100 3.3Ghz


450watt psu

win 7

but one morning it just said no and would not work and kept crashing my pc that's what i get for using the bare minimum for the card. However i now have a 500watt psu and waiting for he new card. The card is great and can max any game i threw at it!"

Luckily I was already going to get a PSU upgrade. Another thing the spec mentioned was that it also needed an Ivy Bridge Processor with socket 1155. This is another conflict that I ran into on the Internet I have Socket 1155 but my Processor is Sandy Bridge Does that make any difference?.

Could I bypass all these problems if I were to get an external GPU? Or would this be just muddying the waters?

  northumbria61 16:21 20 Oct 2013

I will let you read this Processors - Firstly I am not a gamer so I can't really give any specific advice but it appears there won't be a conflict with your Socket 1155 at least that's how I read it.

I think you are wise to have a 500w PSU. I have never had anything less than a 600w in my desktop and I have NEVER done any gaming - I just like to be on the safe side.

  martd7 16:25 20 Oct 2013


i have a gigabyte motherboard ivy bridge edition with a gforce 660 gtx 2gb and a very good 450w power supply works ok and has done for a few months,its the quality of power supply not so much the wattage

click here

  northumbria61 16:49 20 Oct 2013

mart7 - the last query was about the possible conflict between Sandy Bridge & Ivy Bridge with Socket 1155 - are you able to throw any light on that?

  martd7 16:50 20 Oct 2013

I would be tempted to look at the gtx 660 2gb,price difference is a few pounds and clearly the gtx 660 out runs the 650 ti 2gb

click here

  nickf 17:32 20 Oct 2013

Card will run quite happily with either sandy or ivy , or even haswell if you went mad on a spending spree !

  martd7 17:52 20 Oct 2013

Northumbria 61

your processors link does say ivybridge and sandybridge are compatible

i sold my gtx 650 few month back,the buyer had a sandybridge 1155 motherboard so one would assume it worked ok

  northumbria61 10:17 21 Oct 2013

mart7 - that's good to know for future reference.

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