need to install new OS but no CD Rom-Compaq Armada

  MrShane 21:48 20 Sep 2003

Hi there, my mother got a Compaq Armada M300 free from a friend but there was no CD Rom with it (external). We don't have a docking station either, just an external floppy drive.

We were going to buy a USB external CD/RW for it, but Windows NT was on it and we were told this doesn't support USB. Someone then formatted drive so now no OS..just wondering if anyone has any bright ideas about how to install an operating system on it? Once we get something on it we can then get a USB CD/RW.

The options I can think of offhand are:

1)Find an external CD/RW or CD rom which works via parallel port or PCMIA, providing these are a) available, and b) don't need an OS to recognise the external CD drive

2) Find a secondhand external drive intended for use with the Compaq Armada M300..this should fit the intended port.

3) Find another way to get an OS onto the machine, after which we can buy the USB CD/RW.

There may be other options..I just can't think of them offhand! The computer is a bit dated now but given that my mother got it for nothing, it would be good to get it working. She prob won't use it a huge amount so it doesn't really justify spending a few hundred on another laptop.

Any suggestions are very welcome!!

Thanks, Shane

  Linus Tourvalds 21:53 20 Sep 2003

you can install Linux Slackware on it, you can do this via a set of floppys. and you can download them (maybe get a freind to do it for you)

click here

  MrShane 21:59 20 Sep 2003

Thanks for the tip...will this then enable USB to be used with external drive?

If using floppys, I guess the obvious question is do you have any idea how big the total file size is?

  Switcher 22:08 20 Sep 2003

Take the Laptop HDD out

Use an adaptor (Maplins have them £4-99) to connect Laptop HDD to PC IDE

Install operating sys using Ghost or such like

Refit HDD to Laptop.

  MAJ 22:22 20 Sep 2003

Good idea, Switcher, but why use Ghost, why not install it as the C: drive, format it and install the OS as normal?

  MrShane 21:54 21 Sep 2003

Hi there, thanks for all your suggestions..I think I might try to take out the HDD as I think this might be more straightforward. Can I just confirm that the last suggestion (installing it as the C drive) will work ok? If not, I can try the Ghost suggestion..just wanted to get feedback as to which might be best...

Thanks again, Shane

  sicknote 22:29 21 Sep 2003

Have use the cable/adaptor as suggested by switcher and it work well,only problem i came across was when i put hard drive back in laptop it wanted some drivers and asked for the win 98 disk to be loaded,but cancelling through those should get you there.
I managed to get an internet connection after that and downloaded the drivers i needed

Best of luck

  woodchip 22:34 21 Sep 2003
  woodchip 22:35 21 Sep 2003

It need's a PCMCIA slot

you could just instal the OS via a Parallel file transfer cable.

  DieSse 00:52 22 Sep 2003

You will do best if you copy the Windows CD onto the hard drive (from a desktop via an adaptor is a good fast way) - then install directly from that copy.

This way you'll be setting up Windows correctly for the system it's being used on, rather than a different system with different m/board, graphics, etc, etc.

It'll also be vital for all those times when you setup something new, and it asks you to insert your Windows CD

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