Need high volume ringtone for Siemens S 55

  peeby 09:50 05 Nov 2003

I'm getting desperate on this one . Bought a Siemens S55 in August and have been in contact with Siemens since and will return the phone this week unless I can get a simple ringtone that is loud enough for me to hear when I walk on the street. The old phone had reall effective ringtones, but this new ultra-loaded with features-phones, do not have a decently loud ring, whic means I am sonstantly having to call people back at my expense. The "fecking" thing is a moblile answering machine. Anybody else have this prob after aquiring these polyphonic anwering machines

  Limehouse 09:55 05 Nov 2003

Does it not set to vibrate Alert. If not you can buy pens, watches, and many other types that flash or vibrate when the phone goes off, as used by myself and the rest of the deaf community,

  The Lights Are On 10:02 05 Nov 2003

I thought it has Polyphonic tones on it, I have my Siemens on 'Holiday' & as loud as most Hi-fi's. Are you sure the volume is on high as it is a bit fiddly to get correct. If it is on high it will warn you when you switch it on/set the volume, that you need to keep it away from your ear, what, huh?

  peeby 07:39 08 Nov 2003

Yeah thanks for the replies but. I,ve measured the Sound Level on old Siemens C10 - tone 13 has Db of 75 at 1 Metre, this fancy new sh-t has a Db of 63.

So this the "Ambulance.mmf" which is good but not loud enough. Strtange how many people accdept that they are going to miss calls to their mobile. Like I said shagging moblile anwering machine is what they are selling us. So I thought maybe of editing this MMF file ( anbody tell me the free software?) to set the Db at 75, but it is possible that the phones own OS will over-ride and reduce to Db 63. I like the phone, but will probly change to Nokia 6610 if Ica'nt solve this one. Anybody know geeky sites for mbiles.

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