Need Help..big website wont work for me!

  paulgeaf 23:08 28 Mar 2007

Hi. I know this isn't actually about web dewsign but it is regarding the design elements of a anyway..
The site of (which links to here by the way!) has recentely started using an (I think) ajax style web 2.0 login buttons/ Signing in page.
I rememebr when I first had to login to the new Blogger and they had the same thing..scripted web 2.0 buttons. I could not login anymore. I eventually was adding blogger to trusted zones in IE, trusted zone in my firewall (Kerio)
I was putting it into 'allowe domains' in Spyware Dpctor and anything else I could thinkk of, I would allow blogger's new url which had then changed to www2.blogger...etc..etc
Anyway I tried a process of elimination and got no results!
Yet, a few days later when I had all of these programs running(As I like to and the never usually cause any trouble!) the logger site login worked! It has worked ever since!
The interesting thing here is this...
It ALWAYS worked if I switched to firefox!
And so the site is exactly the same...
o matter what I do or what IE settings I think to change I press the login button after filling my details and there is no action, nothing at all happens.
Can YOU help me??

  AndySD 05:02 29 Mar 2007

Can you log in using Firefox or Opera?

Do you have Norton on your system?

  paulgeaf 14:08 30 Mar 2007

Thanks for trying to help mate...I decided I just HAD to find the cause of this. It had to be a security program working on IE so I went through everything, this time remembering that I have used Zonedout program to fill the 'Restricted Sites' in IE options with bad domains and ad domains.
Little did I know there is a domain in the list I use called and this is where all of the scripting seems to be called from at
I discovered that from a lot of sourcecode viewing and trial and error.
So it's fixed.!

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