Need to Help Upgrading my P-series Laptop

  Napsoft33 08:56 15 Feb 2018

Hi everyone, I have a P-series Business laptop (ASUS P-Series P2540UA-AB51) that I bought a while ago (late 2017). I had been scouring the net for a budget laptop for a while until I stumbled upon a half decent review. Anyway, I've had a pretty great experience with this laptop since then.

However, I've got to a point where I need faster performance which means upgrading my RAM and flash storage. I'm no tech geek so I rely on the internet and forums to get by. I've not tried opening the hood because never done it before. The same site and others say there's an extra slot for 16GB RAM. Don't know how true that is? Anyone?

Does anyone here have this laptop and has anyone tried upgrading it. Can I add the Solid State Drive to this laptop too? My bro can help with installation but I need to confirm

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:43 15 Feb 2018

Compatible SSD and RAm click here Access to RAM and HDD is easy under panels on base.

  wee eddie 11:31 15 Feb 2018

Upgrading the RAM will mean that you can have more software/windows open, but there will be little speed boost.

An SSD will speed the initial loading of windows and the saving of files. That's it.

The only way to make a real speed difference is an upgraded processor, and that's not possible with a Laptop

  Napsoft33 11:52 16 Feb 2018

Thanks Fruit Bat and Wee Eddie. I guess my best bet is finding out if it's possible to upgrade the RAM and finally do it-cut my losses (for now).

  wee eddie 12:32 16 Feb 2018

Unless you are using very memory intensive Software, 8GB RAM is sufficient for most purposes

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:42 16 Feb 2018

Thats a pretty reasponable machine unless you want to play games on it, a business laptop of course was never mean't for gaming.

S I'm surprised when you say it's reach the point where you need faster performance. What exactly are you trying to do?

  Napsoft33 12:55 16 Feb 2018

Yeah, it's pretty reasonable and works impressively when I'm at work. It handles everything neatly. I guess when it's the gaming bit it can't handle as I thought. @Wee, I don't use Software, just plain old work stuff and gaming over the weekends.I think I'll go for a budget desktop for when I'm gaming. Something I can upgrade in time. Any suggestions for a sub $1500 desktop? Thanks guys

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