Need Help With Upgrading HP Pavilion

  ZketchGeek 02:14 03 Feb 2013

Hi, I'm needing a fair amount of help upgrading my HP Pavilion (model p6-2022uk model. System specs found here: )

So far I have bought this PSU:

But what I need now is a suitable graphics card for my system. I have found one in particular, which is where the help is needed. I don't know if it will be compatible with my system. Here is the graphics card I have my eye on:

Would this be suitable for my system? Thank you for any responses.

  Chronos the 2nd 09:41 03 Feb 2013

Nothing wrong with the GPU and will fit in your system.

  ZketchGeek 16:28 03 Feb 2013

Thank you, now I must ask, what type of games should that be able to support on PC?

  Chronos the 2nd 17:29 03 Feb 2013

Depends on the type you like to play,if you give me an idea I will hopefully be able to help you. The 7750 is a budget graphics card with the advantage of reasonable performance in modern games so it should not be to bad depending on the game.

  Ian in Northampton 20:43 03 Feb 2013

Chronos: I'd have described it as 'mid range' rather than 'budget'... :-) I'd guess that the 7750 would be able to play games like Skyrim, Battlefield 3 and so on - fairly graphically demanding games - at moderate-to-good frame rates, but not in maximum settings. On less demanding games like WoW, it should be pretty good.

Before ZketchGeek invests, I'd suggest he looks at the recommended spec for the games he wants to play and takes it from there.

  ZketchGeek 21:44 03 Feb 2013

Well how about games such as Saints Row 3, or certain shader mods for Minecraft? I have previously been suggested this card: but I feel like I can get a card just as good as that for less than £100

  ZketchGeek 21:53 03 Feb 2013

Also I must ask, with the new PSU I have bought, do I need to also buy a new power cord? (the one that plugs into the wall, has the small box and then connects to the desktop tower)

  Chronos the 2nd 08:36 04 Feb 2013

PSU: This will come with a electrical socket to power supply cable.

GPU: 7770 vs 7750 Compare. As you can see the 7770 is the better card and is not much more than the 7750.

Ian in Northampton

At less than a hundred quid the 7750 is a budget card and whereas it might well play the games at 'moderate-to-good frame rates' I see little point in upgrading to a GPU that will definitely struggle with up and coming games. If you are going to upgrade then as far as a GPU is concerned you get the best you can afford. It is the nature of game makers to make ever more graphically intense games which mean lower end GPU's soon struggle unless all setting are turn right down.

  ZketchGeek 23:23 07 Feb 2013

Hey again guys, so I've found your advice with everything so far to be extremely helpful, which leads me to yet another question. This question is, if I was to buy more RAM : a) What size of RAM should I be adding onto my desktop for maximum capacity? b) What make/model/type of RAM do I buy?

If any of you 2 are able to find out this, could you perhaps supply a few links with RAM that will actually function with my computer?

Thank you, once again, for your time. Good day.

  Chronos the 2nd 09:29 08 Feb 2013

This is the RAM compatible with your motherboard but it might be worth using the Crucial scanner to make sure.Bear in mind if your operating system is only the 32Bit version then there is little point in putting in anymore than 4GB and looking at the specs for your PC you already have that. If your operating system is 64Bit then your motherboard supports up to 8GB.

  woodchip 11:58 08 Feb 2013

May I ask what is the OS going to say about all these changes? it may throw a message up that its not licensed

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