Need help with task scheduling

  [DELETED] 04:56 11 Jan 2006


I have a VB script written for XP. It's just for mapping network drive.
The problem is when is the right time to have it executed. What i want the script to do is to run in the background so that the user doesn't know it and all they know is they can see the mapping already done once they are in the windows.

What i have tried so far is to use the scheduled task. The script was scheduled at when user log on. Initially, i thought this was just what i needed. But then, i realised that when the user log on, the computer hasn't been connected to the network yet since i use the wireless network, it'd take a bit of time to get connected to the network. And before it starts to connect to the network, i've already got the message "network can not be found" which is fair enough. So that's not a good option to go for.

I was wondering if anyone might have any ideas as to get around this issue.

Thank you very much in advance

  [DELETED] 05:08 11 Jan 2006

Delay the running of the script for a while click here

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