Need help setting up 2 PC's with 2 monitors please

  txacoli2 12:56 10 Jan 2017

I have a standalone home PC and a work laptop which is attached to a docking station. I also have 2 monitors. When I first got a KVM switch, I was able to switch easily between my 2 machines. Each time I pressed the button to switch machines, BOTH monitors would change to the machine I'd selected. It's now stopped doing that and only one monitor switches over but I can't see why. I've changed all of my cables in case one of these was faulty and even tried a new KVM switch, but NOTHING works. It's driving me mad. One monitor has VGA and DVI sockets. The other monitor has both of these plus a Display Port socket. The docking station has the display port and VGA. The PC has a VGA and DVI. The KVM switch is a 2 port. I’m not sure if you need more information, but please ask if you do. I’m not so computer literate, so I may have missed something. If you do respond, please be aware that I need things spelling out for me!! It would be handy to know by Monitor 1 – VGA to KVM1 Monitor 2 – DVI to whatever etc etc. Thank you so much in advance.

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