Need help to set up new drive PLEASE

  Ballie 23:31 25 Jun 2004

my current hard drive (Maxtor 40g) is coming up with a warning saying smart bad on boot up. I have decided to upgrade my hard drive and have just purchased a Western Digital 120g. I did post to this site earlier on this week and was told that if I used the Western Digital lifeguard tools I could format the new drive and copy all files from my old drive to my new WD. Unfortunately, this has not turned out to be as smooth as I would have hoped. After copying all files to the new disk and making it the primary drive etc. it did boot okay into Windows XP and ran okay but strange things started to happen. You were unable to remove programs, the recycle bin became corrupted and I lost all my icons to microsoft word, excel etc. The icons were replaced with the square windows (don't know what it is icons). So I decided to clear the new drive and start all over. This time on my old hard drive I removed Norton Antivirus, disabled system restore, defragmented the drive and tried to copy all files over again. Once again the copying appeared to work well but some programs will not work ie. acrobat reader,microsoft word excel and it seems to take a lot longer to boot up into XP.

I have now decided that my best option is to format the drive and start a fresh instal of Windows XP. Although, I have done this some years ago on a different computer I have lost the piece of paper with all the instructions on on how to format the drive etc. and instal windows. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE could somebody give me a detailed explanation and how I start to format my new drive and instal windows xp (idiots guide would be welcome!).

My mother board will take hard drives up to 160g so I know that this is ok. I do have a windows 98 floppy, windows 98 SE disk and a Windows XP upgrade disk. I have so far been working on my computer for 14 hours today and find myself back at square one. I am currently running on my old hard drive to enable me to write this post - please if anyone is out there I would appreciate your help.

Many thanks.
A desparate man whose wife is getting a bit fed up of me being on the computer!

  powerless 23:43 25 Jun 2004

click here

click here

At some stage you'll be asked to insert your 98 disk to qualify for the upgrade.

  Irishman 23:43 25 Jun 2004

Right first thing...sit back and have a cuppa. Then put your new drive in as the master .Go into the bios and set your new drive as the boot. Stick your XP disc in and reboot, follow the instructions on screen as to setting up a new install, the XP disc will format the drive automatically. If it's an upgrade disc you may be asked to put in your 98 disc to check the license. Once XP is installed stick your old drive in as the slave and you should be able to see the contents of your old drive but the only thing you will be able to copy over will be stuff like your Documents folder. You can run installation programs from your old drive and direct the install onto your new drive but you will not be able to copy over programs directly. All very easy,did it myself yesterday.

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