need help with router plz

  Carm0 23:41 28 Feb 2004

k i got a adsl router for my adsl

ive installed the software and drivers. problem is i want to change some settings but when i type in iexplorer and enter the supplied pass and username it is not letting me in. ive tried a few combos eg admin admin admin/password but i still cant get in any 1 have any ideas???

  mgmcc 23:46 28 Feb 2004

Can you "reset" the router so that it reverts to the default settings and try again?

  Carm0 23:50 28 Feb 2004

there is a default button in a small hole at back of router. Ive pressed this the adsl lights went off and i had to reinstall the drivers/software. i tried to login to and once again it would not let me login

the pass and username in the acrobat file is username = admin pass = password but this dont work

  Carm0 00:30 29 Feb 2004


  JIM 00:40 29 Feb 2004

make of router, type eg. wired or wireless and your ISP may poss help us to find info/setup or answer to your problem.

  Carm0 00:44 29 Feb 2004

its a wired router there doesnt seem to be a make on the router or the box. all it says is adsl router my isp is btopenworld

  pc moron 00:54 29 Feb 2004

What is the "drivers/software" you keep having to reinstall?

I'm on BTopenworld (BTYahoo now) and I use an ADSL modem/router with no problems.

  JIM 00:56 29 Feb 2004

Sounds like the one to give you the right information.

  Carm0 01:09 29 Feb 2004

its a ezsetup disk

u click next next enter ur isp details and password and thats it done

im using the router atm i can dl and browse i-net with no problems

i want to connect to so i can change a few of my router settings eg allowing ports to open but when im presented with username and pass i enter the details from the readme and it wont let me log in

  gaz800 01:18 29 Feb 2004

Some of these routers have a console / serial connection on the back, others have a factory reset, to set back to default. This is difficult if you don't know the make / model.

  Carm0 01:20 29 Feb 2004

ive reset the router still wont let me log in

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