need help with router password

  Ikelos 11:05 24 Feb 2007

hi, very long story, if a password has been set on a netgear wireless router,is it on the laptop as well, i have had mine set up with a password, string of numbers and letters,but they will not let me in...I read they are on the PC as well, anyone know where they might be, and will it tell me what the password is

thank you

  VoG II 11:08 24 Feb 2007

Is there a Reset button anywhere? There is on my Belkin but it is fairly well hidden - you have to insert a ballpoint nib or similar to reset it. This should remove password, WEP key etc.

  Ikelos 11:10 24 Feb 2007

hi, yes it is on the back, but i can not pluck up the courage to stick the paper clip in, in case it all goes down the kermit, will it mess up the two laptops, if i reset it..thanks

  Spark6 11:51 24 Feb 2007

I have the Netgear DG834G, and, as VOG has suggested, you will have to reset the router if you are unable to remember the password. Resetting the router will probably mean setting it up again from scratch. The setup manual is available!

  jhm 12:17 24 Feb 2007

Go for the reset and when you setup do not select the password given but input your own. Its not easy cos you have to devise one using hex, that numeric 0-9 and letters a-f, something like dedeed1000 if using 64 bit encryption

  Ikelos 12:20 24 Feb 2007

thank you both, i will give it a try,

thanks again

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