Need help registering windows to laptop i restored

  nikkos123 19:57 22 Jul 2008

Hey, please help! My laptop was being dodgy so I system restored it. When it rebooted it said that windows was not registered on my laptop. I chose the option to ring the number and i typed in the code on the screen. Then it told me to press which then advised me to look on the bottom of my laptop for a 5 group code. Problem is that sticker has been removed, and the only other option is to check th reboot disk which I don't have. Is there any way for me to get that code or shall I just throw ma laptop in the bin?

  birdface 20:13 22 Jul 2008 here that should give you it.

  nikkos123 20:24 22 Jul 2008

it wont let me even sign onto my laptop until I have registered with windows so installing SIW is out of the question.

  birdface 20:34 22 Jul 2008

It should come under licenses

  nikkos123 20:36 22 Jul 2008

I'm on the computer now, I can't run the program on my laptop because I can't sign in unless I give them the code. I can't give them the code because I can't sign in, I can't sign in so I can't download or use SIW lol...

  birdface 21:11 22 Jul 2008

Will it start in safe mode.I did not know Microsoft could shut your computer down.

  woodchip 22:09 22 Jul 2008

You could buy a new Disc and key click here

  Strawballs 22:17 22 Jul 2008

He can't get the code from the computer because of the fact that it was proberbly restore factory settings rather than system restore which does a format.

  birdface 10:16 23 Jul 2008

Sorry if I am a bit dim.Can you use your computer as normal but you can't use the Internet.If so maybe you can download SIW to disk from another computer and install it and run it on yours.Once again sorry if your computer will not start at all.Strawballs thanks for pointing that out to me I thought that he had just done an ordinary system restore.I think it is a bit harsh that he would have to buy a new Disc with keycode if he has a legit copy already installed there must be a way around that surely.

  bjh 10:24 23 Jul 2008

I assume that there was a genuine Windows on the original.

Manufacturers often clone one computer hard disk to install on other machines, and use a generic code for that purpose. Your computer SHOULD (I know) have a label on the underside with the Windows code on it. When you reinstall or restore, Windows checks back home, and finds that the generic code is invalid - you therefore need to enter the windows code form the label....

.... which you say you don't have!

You certainly don't need to throw the laptop in the bin.

1) contact the manufacturer. Give serial number of computer, they should be able to give you the code.
2) try calling Microsoft, and explain. They may be able to help... but they'll probably want to charge you.
3)buy a replacement copy of Windows, and KEEP THE STICKER!!!

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