Need help re formatting hard drive

  lister69 19:48 22 Aug 2003

I need to know that if i format my hard drive, will the restore CD's that came with my machine completely restore my computer to the same as when I bought it? I've tried to use the CD's when restarting the computer and get to the point of replying yes, but the I get a screen with symantec ghost 7.0 and then a series of errors, and are unable to proceed. Please help. Thanks

  Philip2 19:57 22 Aug 2003

Your recovery disk will restore your computer to as it was when it left the factory you do not say what OS you are using ALL DATA WILL BE LOST so you will have to back up any files you want to keep you should have a second disk as well,as this will have the drivers for your graphic cars and sound ect.

  Diemmess 21:23 22 Aug 2003

Can you not get advice from whoever sold you the computer?

Messages about "Ghost" suggest that there may be an "image" file somwhere which if handled correctly could do what you want without even the trouble of formatting first because "restoring" will overwrite the corrupt drive.

The Ghost program as I have used it, runs in DOS and I wouldn't expect this method packaged with a shop or factory made computer.

  lister69 22:07 22 Aug 2003

Sorry I didn't give full information, I'm using windows xp, and there are three restore disks.

  Colinp 22:41 22 Aug 2003

All I did was to put the first of two restore CD's in, rebooted, and just followed the prompts. No problems at all. It restored it back to brand new. The only difficulty you may have is if you have added other components, eg ram, sound card and so on, because the restore disks are not expecting to see them. I had to take my ram and soundcard out first before it would run.

This is on an Advent machine.

Hope that helps.

  Philip2 23:13 22 Aug 2003

In that case you will not have any problems with XP restoring your computer but it will take time to reinstall all the updates.

  temp003 00:29 23 Aug 2003

A lot of OEM restore CDs use some sort of drive imaging software, such as Ghost and Drive Image, to create an image of the factory settings, and to restore it.

Sounds as though your restore CDs use Ghost. If your computer came with instructions on restoration, follow those. Maybe you can also describe what the error messages are (or your machine brand and model). Someone might be able to help you.

  lister69 02:06 23 Aug 2003

Okay, thanks for all the advice, my machine is an emachine 410, the error messages are on a symantec ghost 7.0 screen after pressing Y to restore on the first disk, I get three messages, first is R:\410.GHO, then after a key press, error cannot open ghosterr.txt, and then appliction 11000, invalid dump file, then back to the system restore screen where it say it has been completed, though only the first disk inserted! I haven't had the computer that long, so i haven't got alot of data to lose. Thank you again to everyone who's given advice.

  temp003 15:12 23 Aug 2003


  lister69 20:56 24 Aug 2003

It's all sorted now, a big thank you to everyone who replied.

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