Need help purchasing a replacement power cord for monitor.

  routinej 00:48 27 Jan 2015

I am in need of a new monitor and i have been looking and i found someone selling a used LG 20M35A 19.5 LED Monitor, But the seller doesn't have the power cord for it, i have spent quite a while trying to figure out exactly what power cable this monitor takes but i have had 0 luck. I am wondering if someone more experienced may be able to link me to the type of power cable it uses as i would like to buy the monitor but i can't find a powercord to buy with it. -Here is the link if it helps- Link to monitor

  tullie 01:18 27 Jan 2015

Mine uses what is termed a kettle lead,I dont know if this monitor is the same.

  routinej 05:37 27 Jan 2015

I'm not sure, I would have considered it if i could find the power cord to buy from the UK. I'm on a really tight budget and it was selling for cheap, Now i guess i know why, lol.

  BRYNIT 08:27 27 Jan 2015

Never buy a used Monitor without power supply. The cost of these power supplies can be expensive, difficult to find and you have no guarantee it will work.

If you're on a tight budget you could always look on places like Freecycle as you may find some one in your area giving away an old monitor for free that's still working, you just have to go and collect it.

  alanrwood 09:56 27 Jan 2015

It does need a power supply brick so not just a power cord

click here

  AroundAgain 11:06 27 Jan 2015

AlanWood, could you check your link, 9.56am post. I get to LG page but it says "We're sorry, the page you requested isn't available" Thanks

  lotvic 11:22 27 Jan 2015

Try this link click here then click on the tab for tech specs

  alanrwood 18:55 27 Jan 2015

lotvik has found it as well

This is the link again

click here some reason this site sometimes corrupts links posted. Sorry.

Basically it needs a Power Brick and AC cord and as it is a cheap monitor to start with (it only has VGA input) I would personally not pay the asking price as there are better monitors available for the asking price plus the cost of a new Power brick.


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