Need help with "picture in picture" How?

  rickf 20:45 04 Sep 2003

Hi Experts,
I have just got my LCD/TV monitor. Both Pc and TV working well and I am very pleased with it. Its a Relisys RLT 1720 17" widescreen. I can fully recommend it. No dead pixels in sight.Can anyone tell me how to do the picture in picture facility and where is it found? Its not in OSD, at least I can't see it, nor can I see it with on the remote. Thought I'll try here before going to technical support of Relisys. Thanks for any contribution which can point me in roughly the right direction.

  rickf 20:59 04 Sep 2003


  graham√ 21:01 04 Sep 2003

You lucky ... thing, you! Is it not mentioned in any documentation that came with it?

With it being so new, maybe the chances of someone on here having one are small.

  graham√ 21:04 04 Sep 2003

Contact Relisys click here

  rickf 21:09 04 Sep 2003

Thanks graham. I'll tomorrow but just took the off chance that someone would know how-its quicker. I read a review of this monitor and it is there. However, its not anywhere in the manual, a pretty basic one really. I am extremely pleased with it in case someone is considering getting it. I bought it 'cause I got a good price for my 17" TFT. I have to go and earn the money to pay for it now!

  graham√ 21:16 04 Sep 2003

Been having a look at the spec. There is only one TV tuner, so the facility must only apply to TV and PC, ie. a picture of one in the corner of the other. I could be wrong, please let us know if I am!, but it would appear to the great unwashed that having two TV programs on at the same time would need another TV input.

  rickf 21:22 04 Sep 2003

graham what I read was that you can have the tv playing on one corner of the screen while you are working on the pc, say a document. I had thought this an impossibility but there it was from a customer's review. I understand that it would be totally impossible to have two tvs going at he same time.
What do you think?

  graham√ 21:29 04 Sep 2003

Yes, that would be the way it would work - PC on the screen, with TV in the corner.

Conventional TVs with P in P have two tuners.

  rickf 21:36 04 Sep 2003

graham, you're a genius. Thanks a million. Got it working and its great.

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