Need help with this php hash.

  Nawres 01:30 29 Nov 2014

The encrypted hash is this: dGxUcmJsVzlMcEl3WkJQNWVNN0NtTFRkWEhGM2szYk1BUE0wOHcvOVlrSUgzNjJxMXBaY0lWL1lKOU1xdC9oYUxWUHhkQkxrWWltellRM1B1ZncvMnBjSUVqT0NPb1lINVZ6Sm53NXBZQUVHOWNVbTVjQ0l6NEZielU3K21TVVN6czE4OXJYZ2JvSDRuekFtZHlTaWxnPT0%3D And the decrypted hash is this: bd95amfisb3i1padirh7jgq74eaurmndh21g8decvbmfrmv8kfknloso04jiknb6orfp17cmvgujeuq9jhorjadr02t7henbnh000k0

Does anyone have an any idea how this was decrypted?

I'm sorry if this is not the right forum for this ^^

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:48 29 Nov 2014

really depends on what was used to create the hash

md5() and sha1() are rather weak PHP 5.5 is often used now.

A cryptographic salt is data which is applied during the hashing process in order to eliminate the possibility of the output being looked up in a pre calculated list often called a rainbow table, a salt is a bit of additional data which makes your hashes significantly more difficult to crack.

for example your hash may comprise of:

bd95 - Algorithm

amfisb - Algorithm option

3i1padirh7jgq74eaurmndh21g8 - Salt

decvbmfrmv8kfknloso04jiknb6orfp17cmvgujeuq9jhorjadr02t7henbnh000k0 - hashed data (password)

try goggling for md5() sha1() and PHP 5.5

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