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Need help with PC upgrade

  machairodus11 07:54 10 Apr 2019

Hello all!

I recently acquired a PC from 2015 (click here ) processor : Intel Xeon E3-1226 v3 @3.30 GHz, 3301 Mhz

Since it has been sitting in a warehouse for the last years in an unopened box, the system is virtually new, however its components are dated. I would like to upgrade the PC (around 500 USD worth), switching out some components.

In the end I would like to do some photo and video editing and also use it for some gaming as well. The system is working fine, but what would you recommend I focus on upgrading the PC? I was thinking in the lines of:

  • Add memory (currently has 4GB DDR3) - upgrade to 8/12 GB? - Or maybe I should replace the motherboard and use a DDR4 motherboard and not spend on DDR3 memory?

  • Add GPU - I read that "Asus Phoenix GeForce GTX 1660 OC 6GB" should have great price/quality ratio. Would this be recommended? Also, since my PSU has 400W, would it be sufficient for this GPU or should I think about upgrading the PSU as well?

  • Add SDD harddrive - currently I have HDD, I am thinking about using it as a storage drive or putting it in external NAS and install SDD as the system drive. How should I look for the SDD drive? Which would be a wise choice?

All feedback and recommendations are welcome.

Thank you

  LV426 09:53 12 Apr 2019

Upgrade the ram and fit an ssd and see if its good enough, once you down the route of changing mobos you are almost starting over.

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