Need help with Normalization

  suburban train 09:56 30 Oct 2003

Dear all

I need help with normalization can anyone help me?


  Confab 10:17 30 Oct 2003

A bit more info would be useful!!!

  Taran 10:37 30 Oct 2003

Normalization is a process where you organise data in a database in the most efficient manner possible.

For standard purposes you need never go beyond the first three levels of normalization; 1NF, 2NF, and 3NF.

If you go beyond those three you enter some pretty wierd realms where funtionality can vanish in favour of stripping down your data tables to the very bare bones. Don't go there unless you have to.

Try the following two links for a gentle introduction to database normalization.

click here

click here



  Confab 10:50 30 Oct 2003

And there's me thinking he wants to create a CD with all the track at the same volume!!

Good job I didn't answer it then.


  Confab 10:51 30 Oct 2003

track = tracks

  Taran 11:02 30 Oct 2003

maybe he does, and I've gone off on one of my tangents again...


  Stuartli 14:09 30 Oct 2003

We need to normalise the question...:-)

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