Need help with my system please

  7upYours 11:51 26 Jun 2006

Just put a fx60 cpu in my Asus A8n- Sli deluxe MB
my grfx is xfx 7800 gtx 256mb, ram is corsair xms pro 2gig (led ones), sound card is audigy live,and my o/s is win xp pro.

can i ask, should i update my o/s , as i feel it may be creating a bottleneck in my system, or is theer any other parts that could slow it down ?


  Belatucadrus 12:01 26 Jun 2006

"should i update my o/s"

With what, Vista beta ? As it has higher system requirements than XP and more that a few compatibility issues with both software and drivers, it's not going to help.

If you list the problems that this "bottleneck" is causing, maybe somebody will have a targetted solution.

  DieSse 12:01 26 Jun 2006

*can i ask, should i update my o/s*

WinXP Pro is the latest there is - so there's nothing to update it to.

If you mean the week on week updates issued for WinXP - then you should do them - but it won't speed up, they're just to fix problems and update facilities.

What makes you think thr OS is a bottleneck?

Things that could slow a system down -

Too many tasks running

Heavily fragmented hard drive

Drivers for motherboard and grahics card not up to date

Malware (viruses, trojans, adware in general)

Overblown AV and security software (eg Norton/MacAfee)

Temporary files needing clean up

Registry needing clean up

  DieSse 12:03 26 Jun 2006

Another one

BIOS settings wrong or not optimal

  7upYours 12:41 26 Jun 2006

Thnx for the replies all, well I have windows xp pro sp2 intergrated, is there any better solutions like, windows 64bit ed, or media centre, or xp pro corp , is it worth getting either of these ? . Or am i better off staying put.

As regards to the bottleneck, im using a more powerful cpu on a board that i had to update bios to post with dual core, a sound card that is abit dated, and my current o/s is dated to 2002 ?

Thats what i meant sorry.

  7upYours 12:43 26 Jun 2006

just to add, im not getting any problems as to performance, but would changing any of these increase the performance, i.e the board, or soundcard

  woodchip 12:55 26 Jun 2006

You are trying to catch the wind.

  Belatucadrus 14:00 26 Jun 2006

Well it's a 64bit chip so you could put XP64 on if you wanted, but I'm not sure there's much point. As far as upgrading the OS is concerned I'd wait until the official release of Vista 64. None of the current offerings are going to offer any real improvement.
As to the sound card being a bit dated, if it does what you want, who cares ? It isn't going to affect the system performance.
Just make sure you go through a clean up routine to get rid of junk files click here run CCleaner, Defrag and if you want try click here Windows Care. Don't expect miracles, but it should do for the next six or seven months until Vista64 surfaces officially.

  DieSse 14:22 26 Jun 2006

I suspect upgrading to Vista when it finally arrives, is likely if anything to slow things down - not speed them up.

You can set up WinXP for higher performance by switching off some of it's "fancier effects".

Go to the Control Panel - click on System - click on Advanced - Look at the Performance Settings.

  7upYours 14:28 26 Jun 2006

thnx guys, ill stay put

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