Need help with my PC please.

  PantherXYZ 02:09 15 Jul 2014

Hello there. I am very new to PC's and how they work so please forgive my incompetence :)

I have a PC at the moment and I want to either upgrade it to play games or else buy a new one for gaming.

I'm pretty skint at the minute and only have about £300 to work with, so I'm looking for the best option within that price range.

The specs of the current PC I have are as follows:

[IMG][click here]1 are some parts I had a look at:

click here they any good and are they compatible with my PC?

Or should I just be ditching my current set up and looking to get another PC altogether?

Thanks for any help.




  BillSers 09:25 15 Jul 2014

If you give us you make and model no it would be more helpful.

  BRYNIT 09:49 15 Jul 2014

From the first link you have a Pentium Duel-core CPU your motherboard will not work with an AMD CPU.

As BillSers the make/model of your computer would help as well as type of games you want to play.

Depending on the games and by the time you have replaced the CPU, memory, graphics card, PSU and maybe the motherboard you might as well save and buy a new computer.

  alanrwood 09:55 15 Jul 2014

You can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear. If you want to play the latest games then your current set up is just not powerful enough and the only bit you could re-use is maybe the case. Save up a bit more and start from scratch. Painful I understand but unfortunately the simple truth.

  PantherXYZ 17:22 15 Jul 2014

Where can I find the make and model of my current PC?

Also, what kind of price range are we talking about for a good PC that will run new games? Stuff like BF4 and other AAA titles?

It doesn't have to be the king ding of set ups, just something decent that will run games reasonably well and not encounter issues.


(Oh and sorry about the state of my OP, I've never used this site before so I must have done something to mess it up.)

  Secret-Squirrel 19:01 15 Jul 2014

"Where can I find the make and model of my current PC?"

It's actually shown in your first link - it's an HP G5410uk.

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