Need help with my new build

  White_Elephant 13:52 27 Mar 2007

Am in the process of building a new pc and have encountered this problem: I get power to the board but the fan doesn't go round, so I have to immediately disconnect to avoid damaging the processor.
What does occur is that the fan moves slightly then stops when first switched on. There don't seem to be any obstructions, will check that again tonight.

Any ideas?
I am using a 20 pin + 4 pin 400w psu in a new intel core duo board which has a 24 pin connector, is it possible that insufficient power is getting thru?

I have plugged in the cpu fan to the correct slot btw.

  White_Elephant 13:54 27 Mar 2007

Sorry, almost forgot the specs:

Intel e4300 with retail heatsink and fan
Gigabyte LGA 77f - 965p mobo (with 24 pin connector plus 4 pin 12v)
no-name 400w (20 + 4 pin psu)

  Pamy 16:30 27 Mar 2007

Try giving the fan blade a flick in the right direction and see if that starts it

  robbiepaul79 16:37 27 Mar 2007

Also it may sound obvious but make sure you ahve used your rubber feet and not got the board attached directly to your case.

Ive known afew to do it in my time

  White_Elephant 18:15 27 Mar 2007

Im not sure what you mean by "rubber feet", it is attached to the metal risers/fixings on the case in the same way i attached boards on a couple of previous builds.

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