Need help with mic/audio on PC

  masterlaxus 00:49 08 Jul 2018

I have been using my razer kraken 7.1 chroma headset for a couple years now on my windows 10 PC however a while back my mic just suddenly stop working. I get the error no jack information is available. I know the problem is not my headset because i have tried it on other PC's and it works. Also ANY mic i try on this PC does not work. All the mics i tried were with USB though. I have also tried to update the drivers, install them reinstall them, even through razer synapse as well with no avail. I would appreciate if someone could help, thanks.

  KEITH 1955 10:16 08 Jul 2018

if you are confident enough to open your case have a look at the mounting board of the usb socket to see if it has cracked or got a broken wire.

have you tried the headset on a different usb.

type sound into search box then click on recording tab , does it say if it has detected that a microphone is plugged in.

I have an experia headset with microphone and the plug is a very tight fit almost to the point where I had to force it into the usb socket on my pc. I figured that sooner or later I would break the usb mount on my pc so I put a short usb cable into the pc's usb socket then plug the headphones into the cable. Yes its a pain but at least my pc socket is now safe from damage.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:17 08 Jul 2018

WAs this just after an upgrade?

  masterlaxus 15:39 08 Jul 2018

Hi, thanks for the reply, i have tried different USB sockets they all seem to work. This is a headset so the sound ie what i can hear is working, it is only the mic that is not working. The mic is being detected and it says there are no faults on the recording tab. I have also tried to set it to default and disable the other mics. In the sound settings it does seem to recognise the problem there but when i troubleshoot it does not offer a solution.

Unfortunately i cant tell you if it was after an update or not as i am not sure.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:26 08 Jul 2018

Its quite a common problem after a Major update i.E spring or Autumn updates,where windows loads a default diver instead of the correct driver.

Updating driver just updates the default driver and makes no difference.

The usual repair is to remove the sound drivers and install the correct driver from the manufacturers web site (Realtek etc.)

  vinay12312 03:41 12 Jul 2018

many peoples face this problem after update window loads a default diver instead of the correct driver and you have to install the correct driver then it will work

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