Need help with laptop!!!!!!!!!

  crownum 18:36 30 Jun 2006

hi there, this is about a laptop ive seen on ebay and could you give me an idea of what could be wrong with it. Here is the description:

This laptop does not boot up or reach the POST screen. I suspect it is a motherboard problem, but am not in the know with regards to the technology. The computer was freezing randomly, sometimes with a kind of glitch or flicker on the screen. BIOS diagnostics and scan disk were not showing up any problems. Scan disk sometimes said 'volume is dirty', hence new hard drive (see below). I suspect it is the motherboard after advice from hardware forums. But it could be something simpler - I just dont know! I dont wish to fix it as I am getting a work laptop and want to buy a desktop for home. Would be great for spares...DVD, keyboard, screen etc all working fine before crashes.

Thanks for all help

  johndrew 19:04 30 Jun 2006

If you find out perhaps you may be able to help mec13 click here

  wee eddie 22:54 30 Jun 2006

As for spares, these are only likely to be useful if you have an identical model.

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