Need help to identify scalable image type

  collinsc 12:51 16 Jun 2018

Hi I am struggling to think of how to explain this one- i'll give it a go!

I want to produce a title slide at the front of a DVD of photos that i want to create in Windows Movie Maker (see my other post on that! ;) ). The title is simply an image of the Munich flag and then some text on it (that i can add in Paint).

I have taken an image of the flag from a google search, then opened in paint and added my text. However when you then view the image in a folder it appears smaller than the photos. I know that when i come to add it to the DVD it will appear small. I hope that makes sense!? ...I think therefore what i need is an image of the flag that is in a 'scalable' format?

There may be another way round what i want to do that ive not thought about.


  Taff™ 11:28 17 Jun 2018

You need a .png image file to start with. That is scaleable. You could try taking as large a .JPG as you can find and convert it to .png but it's a bit of a trial and error!

  collinsc 11:43 17 Jun 2018

thanks very much, ill give it a go with .png!

  Secret-Squirrel 12:43 17 Jun 2018

Collin, the resolution for PAL is 720 × 576 so you need to make sure that your Munich title image is at least that. If it's smaller and has to be enlarged to fit the screen then it'll start to look pixelated and nasty.

PNG files are not scalable so you'll get the same problem if you enlarge them. Vector images however are infinitely scalable but those file types probably won't be supported in your DVD authoring program.

  collinsc 12:52 17 Jun 2018

great, thanks very much for that info.

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