Need help getting my gaming PC working

  hbkjason 23:15 23 Aug 2016

Hi guys,

Ok so I have been a gamer for around 30 years, but in all that time I have been a console gamer and never once have I dabbled in PC gaming. Anyway my son who also loves video games has stated his desire for a gaming PC this Christmas.

I was going to just buy an all in one gaming PC of Ebay, but my brother in law told me that “building one” was the way to go, would be cheaper and was easy to do. He even had a base unit that I could use which he said had a graphics card far better than any of the budget priced gaming pcs I was looking at. I took the base unit which had a power supply, motherboard, hard drive and fan.

he gave me this shopping list of things I would need to get it up and running. A DVD drive

A copy of Windows (he said 7 would be fine for what my son wanted it for) A monitor Keyboard and mouse

I bought all this stuff and when I saw how easy it was to connect the DVD drive and the monitor I thought this PC stuff was easy…….. then came time to install Windows!

I put the DVD in and the computer told me to press any key to boot (or something close to that) I did as I was instructed and it said “Windows is loading files” after a short while the Windows Is Starting screen came up with the Windows logo and then that turned to black and then a whole lot of nothing happened. I waited longer than finding out what the deal with the island on Lost was!

I got in touch with my brother in law who despite his best efforts was not much help at all. He said I might need to download driver for the motherboard. Which I have looked for and found a huge list of things to download. What specific one do I download? I assume I put it on a USB drive, but then what do I do with it?

The motherboard in the computer is a Gigabite GA-H61M-S2PV

But I am totally lost at what to do here, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks,


  xania 12:38 24 Aug 2016

When you install Windows, you don't need to worry about motherboard or other drivers to start. Windows simply installs itself and then you install DVD which came with the motherboard, or you can download an up-to-date version from the web site.

So the problem is why did your installation not work. Was there already a Windows 7 installation on the PC? If so, did you instruct your installation to reformat the HHD first? If yes to the first question and no to the second, you may be trying to repair an existing installation and this is causing problems. I suggest you make sure that the drive you are using has nothing on it and shows at least 30Gb available.

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