Need help with the DVDRW internal drive I've just bought please

  PC_HelpMe 19:58 10 Dec 2011

Hi everyone,

My DVDRW internal drive needed replacing, so I ordered what I thought was the same kind.

This was the one we had:-

This is the one we bought:-

However, the connections are different on the back so it isn't compatible. (I'm no good with the correct names of the connections on the back so will have to describe them to you).

There is a wide socket on it which connects to my pc using what looks like a ribbon type lead, then there is like a smaller connection that we have on our current one which is plastic with 3 or 4 pins that has red and yellow wires coming out of. The one we have received doesn't have a socket on the back for the connector that has the different coloured wires. Obviously going to have to send it back as we have these 2 different connections that have to be used - but have no idea what to look for (connection wise) in buying the correct one.

What have we bought and what should we have bought. I only have so much time to return this one we have just received. Please help.

  rdave13 20:29 10 Dec 2011

Your original has an IDE connection and the one you bought is a sata connected drive. You can either go for this but I would return the optical drive and search for an IDE drive or ask the seller if they have a compatible one they would exchange.

  rdave13 20:46 10 Dec 2011

Just a thought, your motherboard could have Sata ports and if so all you would need is a Sata cable, something like this . Make sure length is correct. Also make sure that the optical drive is on a higher number, on the motherboard, to your C: drive if that is also connected via Sata.

  PC_HelpMe 20:54 10 Dec 2011

Thank you so much for replying. Had no idea there were different connections on the backs!!! Think it may be safer for me to just go for the IDE one. Got the new one from amazon as didn't have a clue otherwise so will get a refund on it :-)

  rdave13 21:02 10 Dec 2011


As you will need, or have done, to open up the PC anyway, check if you have Sata ports on your motherboard. They look like these images.

  PC_HelpMe 21:19 10 Dec 2011

Thanks for the images - I honestly don't remember seeing anything like those on the motherboard. Just going to have to have a search now for an IDE one as have informed amazon (where the new one was bought from) that it is going back. Thanks again for your help :-)

  PC_HelpMe 22:38 10 Dec 2011

Me again sorry.

I have found this one - would this be compatible?

  rdave13 22:53 10 Dec 2011


  robin_x 22:55 10 Dec 2011

Yes. Read the review re: jumpers.

Don't throw out old one till this installed and working.

  rdave13 22:58 10 Dec 2011

As robinofloxley says, check the old drive where the jumper is set at the back of the old drive and set it to the same on the new one.


  PC_HelpMe 23:03 10 Dec 2011

Thanks again for the help. Will go for that one then and will set it up the same way as the one currently in the tower. :-)

Have done quite a bit of searching and this one seems to pop up most sites.

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