Need help to connect motherboard too case

  woofwoofbark 09:48 30 Jul 2006

Hi guys , Let me start with , Im a novice computer user with some experiance adding components too systems , I can add HD's graphics cards , memory and psu ( well basically any components lol) my point is , a friend has given me a computer case and a PCCHIPS M863 motherboard , he says the board is working , it was pulled from a system because of upgrade ...

down too business ... I have no clue where the connection pins (that are attached to the case) acttally fit onto the motherboard ...

I'd really appreciate some help too connect and hopefully then i'll be left with a spare comp incase my one decides too do a runner ....

the board itself acctually hold the same memory as whats in my system , (fitted it to check ) plus I have a spare hard drive from a really basic computer I have in the cupboard plus the comp has an amd athlon 1200+ cpu with heatsink and fan ... from the little I know I'd have to buy a PSU

Hope this makes sence , early sunday morning here lol

please feel free too ask any questions on what I have , and too find out the info you will need to help me get this comp up and running

many thanks

geo g

  €dstowe 09:52 30 Jul 2006

You can dowmload the manual for this from click here and all other information from click here

  Gongoozler 10:03 30 Jul 2006

Hi icravesomething.

Presumably you have sorted out the connection for the power supply, and plugged in the processor fan etc. The only area of difficulty is usually the front panel connectors. To start with, only connect the power on switch and the case speaker. Neither of these will care about polarity but you do need to check that the connectors have the same pin spacing. At this stage you can omit any of the PCI cards or drives. Once you have got the computer to boot with these you can get on with the other bits.

The case LED's need to be the right way round but if you're wrong all that will happen is that they won't light. The reset switch doesn't care which way round it is.

If you have a front panel USB, be very careful that the pin allocations are correct, there is no standard and if you get it wrong you can instantly wreck any USB device you plug in and the motherboard at the same time.

When you get as far as a successful POST beep you can proceed to connect drives and PCI cards.

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