Need help choosing memory.....

  james9 23:38 22 Sep 2004

I am going to buy an Athlon XP2800+ (333mhz) processor, with an Abit NF7-S motherboard and am wondering what memory to buy with this...

On one of the memory programs (tells you what memory you should get) it said I could only have upto 1GB if it was 400MHz ram, but upto 3GB if it is 333Mhz or lower, why is this? And what speed should I be getting - to match the processor?

Any help appreciated,


  Jak_1 00:59 23 Sep 2004

PC3200 DDR RAM should be fine, sugest fitting up to 1Gig, ie 2 x 512MB, above that there will be little noticeable speed difference.

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