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  Radio3285 20:58 08 Dec 2016

I have a Toshiba Qosmio F50-10k since 2009 and even if its still in good condition (apart from a few burned pixels) it has a major problem from day 1: Overheating! And I'm talking about overheating to the point that shuts down on its own. Pretty bad because I lost a hard drive from that. I've sent it to service quite a few times but Toshiba refused to change the defective graphics card (that's the one that overheats) - processor doesn't even break a sweat, all work goes to the graphic card.

Here are the specs:

**Toshiba Qosmio F50-10k Intel Core Duo 2.53GHz 4 Gb RAM 650Gb HDD NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT Windows Vista 32bit**

Anyway, I'm looking for a decent upgrade (not necessarily top notch), an I5 is good (no I3 because they are no different than a Core Duo) but I need to know if there are specific brands and/or models that have less overheating issues.

I'm not looking for a laptop with no overheating issues because there is none. And I'm certainly not considering a desktop (I travel a lot so don't mention it), I just need a laptop (below 1000$) that doesn't crack under pressure (no overheating to a shut down point).

So far I've found that MSI and Asus have better heat management but they are a bit on the expensive side. Here are some models that I consider buying:

Asus R510JX-XX041H (i7-4720HQ/8GB/1TB/GeForce GTX 950M//W8)

Asus X751LKB-TY110H (i7-5500U/8GB/2TB/GeForce 850M/W8)

Asus ROG GL552VW-DM775, i5-6300HQ/15.6 FHD/4GB/1TB/nVidia GTX 960M 4GB/No OS

MSI PX60 2QD-098XPL I7-5700HQ 8GB 1TB FreeDos

MSI GL62 6QD (i7-6700HQ/8GB/1TB/GeForce GTX 950M/FHD/FreeDos)

Do they worth it? What about DELL and LENOVO? They have good prices but i've never tried one before. Can I play GTA IV or Fallout without bringing the system to a boiling point?

And what about Windows. Personally I would prefer an NO OS laptop because that could me the option to install any Windows I want. Should I go for it? I don't trust Windows 10 too much. It is said it has many bugs. Windows 8 has this annoying tiles interface (I prefer the classic mode), so Windows 7 sounds like the best choice. Problem is that most of the MSI and ASUS laptops carry Windows 10 on them.

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