Need help with changing from PC to laptop

  littlewelshgirl 11:02 10 Sep 2008

Hi, I must admit I am not that good with computers and I need help.

I have an old Windows 98 PC connected to NTL Broadband. My PC is old and slow and I want to start using an Acer TravelMate 2410 Series Laptop that I have been given.

Basically where do I start what do I need to do or buy as thats all I have is the Laptop. I have ordered a wireless router from Virgin but I don't even know if that is what I need. Can somebody please help me step by step???

THANK YOU.......

  crosstrainer 11:29 10 Sep 2008

The specs below indicate that your laptop has built in wireless ability (although it's the old "B" version)

If you purchase a wireless router / modem combination, it should work with your machine.

You need to check with NTL for compatible cable models first though.

Then, when you have the kit, connect as per the manuals instructions, then, after you have setup the router / modem your lappy should be able to see the connection. If you have problems, post back..... Remember, you must have a cable compatible wireless router / modem combo for this to work.

ProcessorCeleron M
Processor number370
Processor speed1.5GHz
Motherboard chipsetIntel 910GML Express
CentrinoYes Memory/Storage
Amt of RAM256 MB (max 2048 MB)
Hard drive40 GB
Optical driveDVD/CDRW combo Connectivity
Ports4 x USB; RJ45 (LAN); RJ11 (modem); VGA-out
Modem56K data/fax
Built-in devices1 x Type II PC Card slot
Wireless LAN802.11b, 802.11g
WebcamNo Display
Graphics hardwareIntel Graphics Media Accelerator 900
Amt of video RAMUp to 128MB shared
Diagonal screen size15.4 inch
LCD technologyTransflective TFT (widescreen)
Screen resolution (max)1,280 x 768 Multimedia
DVD/MP3 without bootupNo
TV tunerNo
Sound hardwareIntegrated audio; 2 x speakers
Jacksmic-in, earphone-out

  wee eddie 21:50 10 Sep 2008

if the Acer is using XP you should be able to just plug it into the present set-up and use the supplied install disk that you used with the old PC.

  peter99co 21:55 10 Sep 2008

If an ethernet cable is used to connect the disc should not be reqd?

I used to be on ME and when I got my laptop I just plugged in. The account is set-up with the ISP and the disc is only needed to do an account set-up isn't it?

  peter99co 22:00 10 Sep 2008

I was on NTL as well and as long as the NTL box has the ethernet port it is just plug and play.

All you need to do then is copy the Email account details to the new machine. Take a note of your passwords/pop and smtp information on the current machine and enter them into the new one.

  peter99co 22:07 10 Sep 2008

The wireless router will only be needed if you want to use the laptop away from the NTL modem.

It is best to connect using a cable at first because it is easier to set up the wireless while cable is plugged in. Once the wireless is set-up you can unplug the cable (ethernet) from the Laptop and off you go.

You must set-up WPA security on a wireless router otherwise others outside you house are able to connect via your internet account.

  peter99co 22:18 10 Sep 2008

I think you may be pleased to know that your old machine will still be able to be connected after your wifi router has been installed by using the Ethernet cable that you have had the laptop connected with.

The old machine would still be wired and the laptop using the wireless.

How do you connect the old machine at the moment? Is it by USB into the back of the tower?

Is the NTL box a silver one with NTL:Home Broadband Internet marked on the front?

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