need help with cable modem & wifi internet access

  faulties 15:32 26 Oct 2009

Hi, I'm at a total loss with this wifi stuff!!

I have a VirginMedia cable modem, 1 desktop pc, running Vista, and 1 wifi capable laptop running XP.

I need to add a usb/wifi dongle to the desktop (still under warranty so don't want to open it up to add a card).

I've been given a Speedtouch router.

Can anyone tell me if the Speedtouch will work with with setup?

If not which router and dongle should I buy?

Also how do I set it up when I've got everything I need?


  mgmcc 19:57 26 Oct 2009

The Speedtouch router is almost certainly a combined "Router & ADSL Modem", which is only suitable for use with ADSL broadband delivered via the phone line. For Cable broadband you need what is described as a "Cable/DSL Router". This is a router with no built-in modem and which connects by ethernet cable to the Cable Modem supplied by Virgin.

Suitable Cable/DSL Routers click here

Some of the routers are bundled with a USB WiFi adapter. Your XP laptop's built-in WiFi is probably the standard 802.11g running at 54Mbps so, unless you have Virgin's 50Mbps service, there will be little benefit in opting for higher speed (802.11n) hardware. I've found the Belkin USB dongle to be very reliable click here=

  Strawballs 04:10 27 Oct 2009

If you site the router near the desk top then you can connect by wire and just plug it into the network port in the PC and one of the 4 on the router (most wireless routers come with 4 ethernet ports).

I have the same setup as you and I have been using a Linksys wrt54g router connected to the cable modem now for just over 5yrs, the only difference I have 2 connected by wire and a wireless lappy.

  faulties 13:11 27 Oct 2009

Thanks both.

Think I'll go for the Linksys, same as strawballs, which is available from the link mgmcc gave. Think I'll go pick it up though, never know what's going to happen what with the postal strike.

Hadn't realised I could connect the desktop by wire, but again I don't understand this wifi stuff at all.

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