need help with bradband modem (fax)

  ¤LØLLͤ 19:08 02 Oct 2003

hello. can any one help with my modem? i am on ntl broadband and i cannot get my new fax machine to send faxes to others is there anything i can do? i have an all in one printer scanner copier and fax, ntl said they didnt know what i could do as their modem is made by them so if anyone can help thank you

  MAJ 19:11 02 Oct 2003

You can't send faxes using BroadBand, ¤LØLLͤ, you need a dialup modem.

  ¤LØLLͤ 19:16 02 Oct 2003

thank you Maj
but dont seem fair now i feel silly they should be able to send faxes but thanks anyway

  -pops- 19:19 02 Oct 2003

You should be able to retain your old dialup modem in addition to the BB one, just for FAX use. I do that and I find I'm using FAX more and more recently with all this hoo-haa going on with emails.

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