Need help with an annoying Quicken problem?

  Housten 16:50 04 Aug 2013

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen,

From previous posts I know some of you use Quicken, as I do. I use the 2004 version on my Windows 7 64Bit Home Premium computer.

It was something my wife said to me a couple of days ago that started me off. It wasn’t her comment, but what it triggered in my mind; and that is that in the Registers – is that the correct expression?? I hope so!! – I used to have some colours – or colors, as our cousins insist on misspelling it – and I suddenly realised that the registers were rather drab compared to what they had been. Right, I thought, I will get some colour into these!! Well, total disaster! I started to look for a manual I am certain I have got, and soon found the book I had bought for “Quicken 2002”! Having this manual I thought it would be extremely easy just to follow through on 2004! Wrong!!! They have changed it completely! So I started looking all over again and can not even find a, or perhaps it should be, the booklet that came with 2004!!

Now I accept that this is ludicrous, stupid or whatever else you want to call it but what I need is some advice and/or help. I have spent some hours – I can be a bit persistent when I get a “bee-in-my-bonnet” about something!! I am certain that where you changed fonts, just below/alongside that was where you could change the colours. Well I have forwards, backwards, side wards; and upside and downside(!!) through the 2002 manual and the “Help” section in the 2004 and I can not find how or where the colours can be changed! I am now beginning to believe that it is not possible to change the colours and I would greatly appreciate if some kind 2004 user could put me out of my misery and ineptitude!!

Although if you are a 2004 user and you have colours in your registers I would be very, very grateful if you could kindly tell me – in words of one syllable! – please how to get colour in my registers. I know I am a stupid pensioner but I hope some kind person can be extremely kind and tolerant towards me!!

Many thanks in advance.

  highlands 17:50 04 Aug 2013

Sadly I share your frustration. It took me long enough to get Quicken 2004 running on Win7 as support in UK was withdrawn. I have also tried to inject some colour into the registers but with no success ..... sorry I can't help but will be watching your forum question in case someone comes up with an answer.

I also have Quicken 2000 running on Win7 and have reverted to using this which does allow colour changes. It is simpler than Q2004 ... the latter being yet another package which has developed features which most people don't need, but simply add complexity.

P.S. I am also a UK based pensioner.

  northumbria61 14:59 05 Aug 2013

I have had Quicken 2004 since it was first introduced (and versions before that) I think there is very little choice of colour in 2004 Reports/Registers etc. but should show in your Graphs.

Have you got the colours option checked in your options? Ie: Options - Register Options - under Report & Graphs Reports Only you should have a tick in Use Colour in Report

  northumbria61 15:01 05 Aug 2013

Housten - should have added I am using Quicken 2004 with Windows 7 Pro 64bit.

  Pine Man 15:14 05 Aug 2013

Bit of a long shot.

I use Quicken 2012 and colours can be changed at - edit/preferences/startup/quicken colors. Options of blue, green, purple or tan. I'm pretty sure it was the same in 2008/9.

Good luck.

  northumbria61 15:37 05 Aug 2013

Pine Man - did you download 2012 version and is there an option to change currencies? I don't see any reason at the moment to change something that is working but I could alwys take a look at the newer version.

  exdragon 16:20 05 Aug 2013

I'm using 2001 and the colours can be changed via Options (in mine, it's on the right, along with Report, Options, Print and How do I and X - to close the window). Then it's Register Appearnace.

  Pine Man 16:31 05 Aug 2013


Bit of a long story - I live in the UK and wanted an alternative to Money 2005. I managed to download a copy of Quicken DeLuxe 2009 from the internet free of charge and even managed to convince Quicken to register it in my name - don't ask how;-)

I was really impressed with it and because I was registered with Quicken they sent me emails occasionally about new versions. You can't officially pay for and download Quicken so I bought (yes-and paid for!) Quicken 2012 Deluxe from Amazon US sent to me in the UK by UPS.

Both of the versions I've had have the option to change currencies and apart from one report you never see a $ sign anywhere. It works brilliantly and is far better than Money but obviously you cannot connect automatically to UK banks.

  highlands 18:42 05 Aug 2013

Registering Quicken can be a problem since it is no longer officially available in UK. Both the Internet and phone mechanisms no longer work. Once you have installed, the registration screen will still appear and block access after 15 accesses (a count down is shown).

To get rid of the nagging registration screen: - When the registration screen appears, hold down CTRL and SHIFT Keys. - while holding them down, continue through registration via Internet. - a 'registration unsuccessful' message appears. - Click OK while still pressing CTRL and SHIFT. - Access to Quicken should appear. Use it normally then exit. - For future uses, the nagging registration screen should no longer appear.

  northumbria61 20:36 05 Aug 2013

Pine Man - Thanks for the information.

I have had Quicken since version3 and was initially registered until they stopped Support in 2005. I have never found an alternative that is as good (I speak for my needs only) although I have looked. Ace Money appears to be about the closest thing to Quicken. Connecting to online banks is something I have never done - I have always done thing manually. No plans to change - if it ain't broken is my motto.

  Housten 11:43 06 Aug 2013

Good morning, Gentlemen,

I saw ‘highlands’ comment yesterday and spent some time going round and about. I tried downloading 2002 which he suggested would do the different colours. Whilst the download appeared to be successful I tried to install it – twice – and both times it aborted itself at 89% because something was missing. As I thought that it should all have been there I deemed that the download itself was at fault, and so gave that idea up. This is what I was going to write to him this morning, but all your replies have somewhat confused, and overwhelmed, me.

So here goes! ‘northumbria61’ you say you have the ‘Pro’ version, whereas I have the ‘Home Premium’ version, and both are 64Bit. Should this make any difference?

Now ‘Pine Man’ you say you are using the 2012 version. I have used Quicken from about the middle Nineties – or maybe even earlier, I can’t remember – and after Intuit withdrew in 2005 I thought that their versions were only usable in the states so didn’t bother even looking. You state that you got 2012 from Amazon US, being nosey – how much was it? And what were the p&p costs? Did you have any customs problems? And being really rude – so please forgive me – you have used different versions, is the 2012 version really that much better? I am concerned that whilst you have got the 2012 Amazon may now only have the 2013 or 2014 version and I would like to know if the cost is really worth the effort!! Also were you able to easily convert your files? This is one of the annoying habits I have found, most versions need you to convert your previous data to the new version, and I am just wondering if 2004 data would be too old for that to be done!!

‘exdragon’ Many thanks for your reply, but after my experiences with 2002, mentioned above, I am not prepared to bother trying an even older version! Sorry about that.

Many, many thanks for all your replies, and I look forward to one or two more.

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